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Every year, Oprah Winfrey releases a list of her favorite gifts, and her 2016 list is longer than ever. Her iconic "Favorite Things" compilation includes something for everyone, from tech gifts to accessories and apparel. Let the shopping begin!

Muslin dream blanket & sleeping bag

List price: $49.99-$54.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $49.99-$54.00; "Found: a baby gift that's part practical, part cuddle magnet. The blanket and sleeping bag have hypoallergenic fill and a soft flannel shell made from brushed cotton. Lullaby and good night." -- Oprah

Emi-Jay Snag-free Hairties

List price: $24.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $24.00; "Your ponytailed friends of all ages need these sweet stretchy hair ties in delectable packaging. Let's face it: Woman cannot live by scrunchies alone." -- Oprah

Floating Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings

List price: $80.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $80.00; "I had my ears pierced in 2005, and I still get really excited by a good earring. I wear this style often, and it's lightweight and lovely." -- Oprah



BUTTER LONDON nail lacquer collection

List price: $150.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $150.00; "Give a Butter London nail polish set to each of my girls every year -- there's something so luxurious about it. Especially when the 22 polishes spin easily in a lazy Susan. So fun!" -- Oprah

John Steinbeck Book Set

List price: $195.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $195.00; "I was so passionate about these exquisite book sets last year, I just had to bring them back. These are some of my favorite authors (and you all should have them in your library): Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, John Steinbeck, and William Faulkner. I'm buying them for everyone I know!" -- Oprah

The Book of Joy

List price: $26.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $26.00; "I want to wish all of you joy -- because there is no better gift. Two spiritual masters, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, share their wisdom in this uplifting book. I promise you, it's the best $26 you can spend." -- Oprah

Peepers Reading Glasses

List price: $17.60;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $17.60; "You're always writing to me asking about my glasses. I highly recommend these readers for their antiscratch lenses and absurdly low price. Bonus: With their big bold frames, they're impossible to lose." -- Oprah

Truffle Zest Holiday Set

List price: $35.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $35.00; "Here's my theory: Anything that's delicious without truffle is even better with it. (My trick: Start with the zest, then salt if you need it.) In my bag at this moment, you'll find my wallet, my keys, and my truffle zest. That's right -- I don't go anywhere without it." -- Oprah



Bluetooth Key Finder

List price: $29.99;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $29.99; "Attach an Orbit to your key chain, download the free app, and find your keys with your phone (at the push of a button, Orbit chimes loudly). It works in reverse, too: Press a button on Orbit to find your cell -- it rings even in silent mode. Genius." -- Oprah

Scented Fire Starters

List price: $49.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $49.00; "When I'm home, I wait for the clouds to start rolling in, so I can curl up next to the fireplace. With these pinecone-shaped, scented fire starters, made from organic beeswax, wood, and essential oils, I'm in for an evening of pure coziness." -- Oprah

Crab & Cleek Canvas Tote

List price: $56.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $56.00; "I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love a big tote! These preppy canvas bags have been winterized with nostalgic holiday prints and corduroy trim -- and they're a real steal." -- Oprah

Creative Co-op Stoneware Mini Bakers

List price: $45.79;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $45.79; "Nothing says (healthy) comfort like mashed cauliflower. And when you make it in these mini cocottes, which come in beautiful neutrals that work with any decor, you can give each guest her own adorable serving. Science has yet to explain why everything tastes better that way." -- Oprah

Coyuchi Linen Terry Robe

List price: $198.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $198.00; "When linen meets organic cotton terry, you get a really sublime robe, perfect to wear while unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. You'll be in good company: I gave these to the cast of Queen Sugar as a series premiere gift." -- Oprah



Avegant Glyph Personal Theater

List price: $439.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $439.00; "Tired of squinting at a small phone screen? You may feel like an extra in Star Trek, but it'll be worth it. Plug these into any HDMI-supported device and do everything from checking emails to watching movies in digital HD. It's like your own personal theater." -- Oprah

Major Moto by Sorel

List price: $173.55;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $173.55; "Love, love, love! I'm in a plaid phase right now, so the tricked-out lining is the cherry on top of these revved-up moto boots." -- Oprah

Holiday Cheese “Cake”

List price: $135.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $135.00; "Behold! A cheese "cake" that doubles as a centerpiece. It's made up of four creamy pounds of Humboldt Fog and Truffle Tremor goat cheeses and decorated with succulents. It comes with bags so guests can take a parting gift -- if you can get them to leave!" -- Oprah

Peoni La Nettoyant

List price: $60.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $60.00; "This new skincare line - -started by my facialist, Jennifer Brodeur, a true skin guru -- is free of toxins, artificial fragrances, and gluten. Get ready to glow!" -- Oprah

Harriet Boot by Tretorn

List price: $132.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $132.00; "On the rare occasion when I'm in Telluride, Colorado, and I'm not skiing, these over-the-knee nylon boots are a must. They're designed with a high-performance sock and a waterproof rubber sole, so I get maximum style with minimum slippage." -- Oprah

Bath Gift Sets by The Cottage Greenhouse

List price: $65.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $65.00; "I'm always on the hunt for the best bath products -- and here they are, in wild ginger, carrot, and grapefruit scents. Now I get to combine two of my great loves in life: farming and bathing!" -- Oprah

English muffins & preserve set

List price: $40.00;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $40.00; "I don't have to tell you all how much I love bread. These English muffins are my current carb of choice: crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and scrumptious all over -- especially when slathered them with the amazing Clif Family preserves that are included. Full disclosure: I took a few bags home from the shoot!" -- Oprah

Convertible Cowl Neck Top by Michael Stars

List price: $128;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $128; "This brushed-jersey number is the love child of a cowl neck and an off-the-shoulder top and feels divine either way you wear it." -- Oprah

Filtered Water Pitcher

List price: $29.94;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $29.94; "With a coconut-shell carbon filter and a sustainable oak handle, this high-style pitcher may be more natural than the water it purifies. Call it Gilligan's Island chic." -- Oprah

Silicone-Band Watch by KYBOE

List price: $190;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $190; "I'm guilty of using my iPhone in lieu of a watch, but Adam sold me on these jazzy silicone-strapped tickers inspired by fields of flowers." -- Oprah

Biscuit Mix & Honey Gift Set

List price: $22;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $22; "Biscuits and I go way back. These bake up moist yet crumbly, taste homemade though they're from a mix, and are heavenly served with this honey." -- Oprah

Big Kiss Lip and Cheek Stain

List price: $65;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $65; "Edward Bess's creamy, long-wearing lipstick and cheek stain has been supersized just for me -- and all of you! Because who doesn't want to pull something the size of Texas out of her makeup bag? But please apply with a brush!" -- Oprah

Furry Friends Gift Bucket

List price: $48;

List price: $48; "A Harry Barker bucket, chock-full of chew toys and a large tin of cheese puff biscuits, is a doggone delight. My opinion? This is what all dog parents need." -- Oprah

Bone China Mugs

List price: $49.99;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $49.99; "Everybody -- I mean everybody -- needs a good large coffee (or chai) mug. These ceramic beauties are substantial (20 ounces) and come in a colorful gift box. Done and done." -- Oprah

Biggie’s Tower of Toffee

List price: $50;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $50; "They don't call it 'crack toffee' for nothing. Crunchy and buttery, with toppings like white chocolate with pistachio, cranberry, and coconut -- once you start, you can't stop." -- Oprah

Beatriz Tropical Edge Clutches

List price: $250;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $250; "These thread-appliquéd clutches are made by women in developing communities in the Philippines and inspired by the country's eye-catching fabrics. The perfect complement to an LBD, am I right?" -- Oprah

WOLF Travel Jewelry Case

List price: $59;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $59; "Toss this small but spacious jewelry box into your carry-on, and you're ready to hit the road. It has seven ring rolls, four compartments, and three necklace hooks -- and is almost as gorgeous as the bling within." -- Oprah

Bright Stripes Wrap

List price: $59;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $59; "Take a page from neckwear king Adam Glassman and never leave home without a colorful scarf. These impossibly soft options are instant outfitmakers." -- Oprah

Essential Oil Candles

List price: $52;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $52; "These soy candles are the next-best thing to being outdoors, transporting me to a forest of pine, cedar, and cypress. Some love pumpkin spice scents; I'll take trees." -- Oprah

Pear Almond Tart

List price: $60;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $60; "I always say presentation is everything, and trust me, this pear and almond tart is as decadent as it is beautiful. The ten-and-a-half-inch pastry can serve up to 16 guests and is a lovely end note to a holiday dinner." -- Oprah

Modern Meditation: Coloring Book & Colored Pencils

List price: $29.44;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $29.44; "Iyanla recently gave me a few adult coloring books, and filling in the blanks has become one of my preferred ways to de-stress. Who knew? Besides being just plain fun, these three will help with mental agility, focus, and inner peace." -- Oprah

24-Piece Chocolate Storybook

List price: $88;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $88; "Meet the newest addition to my book club: These handmade bonbons come disguised in a beautiful hollowed-out book. Some lucky hostess is in for a delicious read." -- Oprah

Majestic Filatures "Soft Touch" Tees

List price: $135;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $135; "I love these tees! The buttery fabric feels like a second skin and holds you in without being restrictive. I wear mine almost every day. Best of all? It's truly a goes-with-anything (from jeans to a ball skirt) style." -- Oprah

Pound Cakes by Janie's Cakes

List price: $32;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $32; "Texas-based bakery owner Janie Clapp makes pound cake using only natural ingredients, just as her great-grandmother taught her. But Grandma never filled her cake with coffee-toffee buttercream or raspberry curd! Hands down, it's the best pound cake I've ever had." -- Oprah

Brouk & Co Travel Cord Roll

List price: $15.99;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $15.99; "Do you know how much time I waste digging through my bag for my earbuds or a charger, only to find them tangled together? With these fun compact cases, your wires will never get crossed." -- Oprah

Cocoon by Sealy Classic

List price: $399;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $399; "If there's anything better than a good night's sleep, let me know, because I haven't found it. What I have found is a memory-foam mattress that ships in a remarkably hassle-free box that will actually fit through your door. Open it up and hit the hay." -- Oprah

Bamboo Chic Loungewear Pants

List price: $106;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $106; "I'd live in my pj's if I could -- and who says I can't? These huggable, feathery-soft pieces have a slightly tailored silhouette, so I can wear them for Saturday errands without going schlumpadinka." -- Oprah

Bamboo Chic Loungewear Cardi

List price: $116;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $116; "I'd live in my pj's if I could--and who says I can't? These huggable, feathery-soft pieces have a slightly tailored silhouette, so I can wear them for Saturday errands without going schlumpadinka." -- Oprah

APL Techloom Phantom

List price: $132;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $132; "After wearing these running shoes to hike through the Grand Canyon, I can confidently say they go the extra mile. They have four-way stretch uppers, motion-flex outsoles, cushioney midsoles, and a supportive 3-D grid pattern in neutrals and pretty pastels." -- Oprah

Mommy and Me puffer backpacks

List price: Currently unavailable;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: Currently unavailable; "For busy moms: a water-resistant, pocket-filled backpack that doubles as a diaper bag. For Mom's biggest fan: a mini version for #twinning moments." -- Oprah

All-in-one HD Camera, Siren and Air Monitor

List price: $179.50;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $179.50; "Give the gift of peace of mind: The Canary security device can monitor the goings-on at home (or outside, with the Canary Flex) in live HD video via the app -- and allows you to view and react instantly. If motion is detected, it's recorded and sent to your phone. If it's an emergency, you can call the police from the app. And if it's just Mr. Whiskers on the prowl, you'll know that, too." -- Oprah

Elite Sorbet Maker by Yonanas

List price: $94.07;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $94.07; "I've had sorbet almost every night since starting Weight Watchers. (Fruit = zero points!) This gadget turns frozen fruit into soft-serve with no dairy or added sugar. Amen!" -- Oprah

Trio Touchscreen Gloves

List price: $38;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $38; "Anyone who's ever searched for a lost glove will love this touchscreen-friendly interchangeable trio: It's a pair and a spare, so you'll never be caught cold-handed." -- Oprah

Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsey Knife Block Set

List price: $31.78;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $31.78; "Chef Gordon Ramsay has given the chunky wooden knife block a total redesign: His circular version is packed with filament that holds five knives in place. Who knew you could get a makeover in Hell's Kitchen?" -- Oprah

Grapeseed Oil Pantry Gift Set

List price: $90;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $90; "Sorry, olive oil -- you've been a good friend, but I've moved on. Pure grapeseed oil is great for cooking and has no cholesterol, no sodium, no preservatives, and no trans-fatty acids. All those noes add up to a very big yes!" -- Oprah

Barrel-Aged And Infused Maple Syrups

List price: $69.95;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $69.95; "This set of organic maple syrups includes one aged in bourbon barrels, another infused with hibiscus, and a third with cinnamon-vanilla -- ideal for everything from pancake drizzling to cocktail making to pork tenderloin glazing." -- Oprah

Smart Luggage Set

List price: $295;
(Credit: Amazon)

List price: $295; "My mind is blown: These suitcases have a built-in charging station, tracking capability, and a weight sensor (buh-bye, overage fees!). They practically come with a college degree -- smartest luggage ever. And the apple green shade was created exclusively for me." -- Oprah

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