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Rachel Zoe deals (kinda) with reality in new lifestyle book

Rachel Zoe has a new book called,

Rachel Zoe has a new book called, "Living In Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour." Credit: Grand Central Publishing

Seven years after publication of her first book, “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty & Everything Glamour,” Rachel Zoe, the celebrity stylist, reality show star and designer of an eponymous clothing line, has a brand new perspective on life and a brand new book.

In “Living In Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour,” ($28; Grand Central Publishing) Zoe, 42, has turned her focus -- somewhat -- away from the glamour of the red carpet -- this central in her first book.  With two kids (sons Skyler Morrison, 3, and Kaius Jagger, four months) and her own contemporary clothing collection .?.?. well, the low-down is that real life can get in the way of high fashion.

But don’t think she’s trotting around in a sweatsuit and eating tuna casserole. In the introduction to her 272-page hardcover tome that is filled with glorious “never- before-seen” fashion, home, celebrity and decorating photos, Zoe writes, “Make no mistake, I will always love glamour.  But I have reinvented it in a different ways that suits my new lifestyle. My definition of glamour is now a bit more -- gasp! -- practical. Maybe a little more relaxed, too.”

Zoe doles out advice on everything from specific outfit suggestions for various events a la, “Candlelit Dinner party: Time for a little black dress that shows some decolletage with a gold choker that will reflect flickering tapers,”  (who knew?) to table settings noting, “a table is a runway,” and floral centerpiece recommendations. (Go for the Zoe look with hydrangeas, orchids or peonies.)

Want to know how she does Father’s Day?  She’s happy to share how she celebrates with hubby Rodger Berman and even parts with her recipe for “Bananas” (one of her famous exclamations, by the way) bread with chocolate chips.  The book offers up info on traveling -- one section is called “Pack like a pro,” and dwells upon fashion tips .?.?. shoes, jewelry, sunglasses.

In the foreword, Diane von Furstenberg writes, “To me glamour isn’t just about gold lame and fancy things. It’s shine and confidence. It’s a certain independence that comes through in the way [Rachel Zoe] lives and her talents as both a stylist and a designer. She’s a modern woman who listens to the needs of modern women.”

Our take?  Zoe’s life and many of her suggestions are well, aspirational and that’s an understatement. Her reality  is far, far away from mainstream. But the book is fun, packed with good tidbits, engaging photos and voyeurs of the fashionable life will love it. Available this month at bookstores everywhere and




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