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Rebecca Taylor’s real deal

Shailene Woodley attended Rebecca Taylor’s show at the Highline Stages on Saturday afternoon, and the lovely young actress (she doled out hugs to reporters, including this one) was a very good muse.

Dressed in a black, leather jacket, printed blouse and slim navy pants from Taylor’s collection, she was fashionable in that cool girl way that says, “I didn’t try too hard, but I look good.” In fact, she doesn’t try too hard. “I know very little about fashion, so you can’t ask me about it,” she said. “But I like what I have on.”

And so will other hip gals who want clothes that are quietly confident, multifunctional and fun to wear. Here find the perfect day-to-night dress in gray-blue tweed with frayed edges – just a little downtown. Or go for a leather and wool coat featuring quilted sleeves, or a chunky sweater (belly baring) shot with Lurex. Or, perhaps, the "British punk trousers” with built-in zippers and suspender-like straps hanging loose.

For a little more impact, a studded, sleeveless shell paired with a chainmail skirt, or that same chainmail fronting a casual little tee. Bottom line: These are real-deal clothes that you’ll love having in your closet.


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