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Reebok offers sweaty T-shirt (with ‘authentic sweat’) for $425

Reebok's answer to muddy jeans--the "Authentic Sweat Shirt."

Reebok's answer to muddy jeans--the "Authentic Sweat Shirt." Credit: Reebok

If people will fork over $425 for muddy jeans at Nordstrom, why not a $425 sweaty T-shirt?

Reebok decided to have a little fun with all this dirty laundry, announcing on Wednesday, April 26, it was selling an “Authentic Sweat Shirt,” a bright red logo tee created by “hard working” employees who “have time to sweat it out during the day . . . authentic sweat for those who don’t have time to put in the real work.”

The stains will last forever, proclaims the web site — as long as you don’t wash it. If this is all sounding like a belated April Fools joke, bingo!

Try to order and you’ll quickly discover it’s sold out — though you will be directed to other (non-sweaty) shirts that are available.

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