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Round beach towels trendy for summer

It's hard to argue with The Round Towel

It's hard to argue with The Round Towel Co.'s slogan ("150 cm of awesomeness") given its variety of mouth-watering prints (watermelon, sushi, pizza, kiwi, doughnuts, plus sunflowers, emoji faces and more) in soft terry velour cotton; $49.99 to $59.99 at Credit: The Round Towel Co.

Sometimes all it takes is one simple change — and suddenly an everyday item looks intriguing again. And Instagram-worthy.

Case in point: Beach towels, lined up like shingles from Jones Beach to Ditch Plains, Ransom to Robert Moses — pick your beach of choice — in all their repetitive rectangular regularness.Then came the “roundie,” as curve-crazed beach enthusiasts like to call them, and sunning has never been the same.

Check out the hashtag #roundbeachtowel on Instagram — now with more than 13,000 posts, and counting — and you’ll see a viral sensation, which has been building over the past few summers, thanks to millennial-fave brands like and the Round Towel Company, which produced a range of sunny, citrusy prints that look like slices of watermelon, lemon or kiwi.

Now there are all kinds of new mouthwatering prints (sushi, pizza, doughnuts). And new shapes, to help you spot your towel on the sand after frolicking in the surf.

That’s at least one functional advantage here, along with the ease of sunning — as the sun slides across the sky, you no longer have to keep getting up to rearrange your towel, but can effortlessly pivot like the hands of a clock.

But do you really need more convincing? They’re coveted because they’re fresh, fun and colorful.

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