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How a coffee stain led to the opening of a Long Island clothing store 

Fashion stylist and jewelry designer Jane Zuckerberg opened

Fashion stylist and jewelry designer Jane Zuckerberg opened her Cold Spring Harbor women's boutique Say La Vie after spilling coffee on her shirt. Credit: Kimberly Gorman Muto Photography Inc.

A mishap involving hot coffee and a cool head led to fashion stylist and jewelry designer Jane Zuckerberg opening her Cold Spring Harbor women’s boutique Say La Vie.

The fumble happened while Zuckerberg was standing in the kitchen feeding her three toddlers and spilled coffee on her brand new expensive white T-shirt. Instead of stressing over the permanent stain, she decided to tie-dye the tee, creating a piece so striking that she’d get compliments when she’d wear it. She ended up making tie-dye shirts for friends — then one day, a women’s store aware of her "creations" and interested in carrying the shirts contacted her.

"I stumbled upon creating a clothing line. The owner asked me to come in and show her my line and within just a few days I cobbled together a conceptual line," Zuckerberg, 56, of Plainview, explains. "This little tie-dye tee [with the coffee spill] looked amazing and caused quite a stir from friends and strangers who loved it. I was taking everyone’s tees and turning them into my own creations. I created the tee and line from an ‘Oops!’ "

The coffee incident that spilled into a fashion line also inspired the name for Zuckerberg’s brick and mortar store Say La Vie — a take on the French saying, "c’est la vie," meaning, "Such is life" or "That’s life."

"In life, things spill, mistakes happen and it’s the way we turn those moments around that seem to define us," Zuckerberg says. She sold her new designs as a wholesaler and retailer and opened her shop in December 2010. "Say La Vie is synonymous with my soul. It is a true passion project," Zuckerberg adds. "We only stock things that I love. I focus on the perfect tee, layering tanks, great denim and cashmere and of course amazing jewelry." Some items, such as hats, accessories and perfumes are made by Long Islanders.

Gift items sold at the store include Buddha statues, crystals and inspirational stones.

Prices range from $10 for soaps, scrunches and room sprays to up to $1,200 for fine jewelry like gold chains. For the store’s 10th anniversary, Zuckerberg says "thank yous" to customers in the form of giveaways, raffle prizes and gifts, offered for the entire month of December.

Hours for the store, located at 75 Main St., are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday noon to 4 p.m. Private shopping is available by appointment. For further information call 631-659-3833 or visit

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