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Sequins star in daytime fashion

A denim jacket has multicolor sequin stripes on

A denim jacket has multicolor sequin stripes on the back. $225 by htrailz, sold at Shag in Rosyln, Lester's in Greenvale and Credit: htrailz/lousantabarbara

Somewhere in the back of your closet are those party clothes and accessories reserved for holidays and black tie evenings. They’re sparkly, pretty and fun — truth told, you love wearing them. Some of those festive duds are ready to come out of hiding now. Sequins, rhinestones and shine have crossed over from the dark side into the sunlight and are being unexpectedly paired with chunky sweaters, wide-legged pants, bluejeans and even flannel shirts.

The trend is as much about fashion as it is feelings. “A little sparkle lifts everything,” says Robert Verdi, the celebrity stylist and designer who has glamorized the likes of Eva Longoria, Mariska Hargitay and Kathy Griffin. ”When you wear it, it’s kind of inspiring and adds to the excitement of what’s coming next.”

Verdi says incorporating a little glitz can elevate a wardrobe and a mood. “Truth told, people don’t buy entirely new wardrobes each season. And the great thing about sparkle is that it has a way of making everything fresh, new and exciting. You put a special piece on and that’s where the magic happens — you become that head-turning style maven at the office.”

Virtually everything sparkles at htrailz, (the name stands for happy trails) a 1-year-old business based in Roslyn and Boca Raton, Florida, that specializes in blingifying standard pieces such as suede and denim jackets and shirts.

“Women get this happy feeling when they put these coats on and you can see they just feel good,” says co-owner Rachel Mindick. “Fashion goes from day to night these days, and our clothes do, too.” Sparkle, she adds, spans the genres and can be worn by young women as well as those who are more mature.

With limits.

“There is a level of overdone,” Verdi  warns. “A tightfitting sequin dress can look like you were coming from the night before. Or a giant sequin balloon sleeve, no.” Better, says Verdi: “Wear a sparkly sequin skirt with a big turtleneck or put a little sequin tank underneath a fitted jacket. That looks great and gives you the night option as well. People will say, ‘Oh, I can’t believe you’re wearing sequins to the office — and they look so good.’ ”

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