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Soldo quadruplets from Massapequa go to Plainedge High School prom

This year’s Project Prom winners — Plainedge High School quadruplets James, Alexa, Robert and Nick Soldo, 18, — were prom-ready on Wednesday afternoon as they primped and posed for the cameras and dozens of family, friends and neighbors at a pre-prom party in their Massapequa backyard. Credit: Jessica Rotkiewicz

This year’s Project Prom winners — James, Alexa, Robert and Nick, 18 — were prom-ready on Wednesday afternoon, June 20, as they primped and posed for the cameras and dozens of family, friends and neighbors at a hotly attended pre-prom party in their Massapequa backyard.

Debuting the dress and tuxes chosen by Newsday’s readers (about 4,000 of you voted) the fab four looked, well, fabulous. Alexa glowed in an elegant white dress with floral appliqué from Bloomingdale’s, and the boys wore tuxes, each with a twist, from My Tuxes at Gino’s Galleria. James, the "oldest" quad, color-matched his date, Bailey Karant, 17, in a pin-dot jacket with an emerald bow tie. 

“He was very considerate in cooperating with the color of my dress,” said the emerald-clad Bailey.

Rob’s retro sapphire blue jacket with a contrasting black shawl collar was all-out swanky.

And, at first glance, Nick’s black tux seemed basic, but it was flecked with silver thread. “Those sparkles match his personality,” said his date, Sarah Purcell, 16, of Bethpage. 

Their mom, Judy Soldo, said the moment was bittersweet. “This morning, I cried, thinking about my husband,” she said, referring to the quads’ dad, Jimmy Soldo, who died of a heart attack in 2015.  “But I feel so blessed looking at them and seeing them look so beautiful. I’m so, so happy for them.”  The quads' grandmother, Cathy Dwyer, 81, of Wantagh was also emotional.  “I can’t stop crying.  I held them when they were four or five pounds, and now look at them -- they’re beautiful.  I’m sure Jimmy is smiling.”

And on this night, the quads were all smiles, too, as they headed off on the party bus to the big gig at the Bourne Mansion in Oakdale. 

“Basically, second to my wedding this is going to be the best night of my life,” Alexa said. “And I know my dad is looking down on us.”  

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