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Sophie Theallet's Bonnie & Clyde vision

Not again!  There you are -- at least as Sophie Theallet imagines you -- throwing on your sexy pencil skirt and tucking in a satiny persimmon blouse when, outside, you see them pulling up. G-Men!

You've barely pulled on your open-toe booties or buttoned up that satiny persimmon blouse when you have to dash out the back, grabbing your beret, long ribbon choker, submachine gun . . . and don't forget the bags from that recent bank heist. Lucky for you, your honey, Clyde Barrow, is waiting out back in the getaway car, engine running. (Oh, you know that Clyde . . . his engine's always running.)

Theallet's collection for fall is an oh-so-French vision of a Bonnie Parker wardrobe. An espresso satin wrap dress (loosely wrapped, natch); a demure gray knit top paired with a floral skirt (hitched high on one leg); a plummy overcoat, belted with a slender cord.  The result is a sexy melange of colorful pieces, with slits or enough buttons unbuttoned to keep things interesting.  These are clothes Bonnie -- or Faye Dunaway, surely -- would have no problem wearing.

But this party is strictly BYOA -- bring your own ammo.


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