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Space age engagement ring hub opens at London Jewelers

Two by London is a new space age

Two by London is a new space age shop within London Jewelers where clients can learn about and customize engagement rings. Credit: Anne Bratskeir

Starship Bling has landed at the Americana Manhasset shopping center. Futuristic, cool and sparkly, London Jewelers’ newest 2,650 square foot offspring, Two by London Jewelers, feels more like an Apple store than a place to buy engagement ring -- but that's what you'll get here with loads of possibilities ranging from $1,500 to $150,000 -- and even higher if you’re so inclined.

Counters within the silvery Jetsons-like interior are gray-striped marble.  Atop of these are well-lit display cases filled with all sorts of rings and other diamond objets, and interactive computer stations are scattered throughout the shop. With these, customers can learn about materials, gold, the quality of diamonds and . . . best of all, design their very own ring on a special software program.

And for real hands-on fun there are maybe 100 try-on styles that are right out there on the counter for clients to play with. (You don’t need a key to the case.) These, however, are not the real thing but prototypes made of silver and cubic zirconia -- but still, it beats asking the person behind a counter to try on a ring and have them tell you it’s $75,000. It’s a bit of a jewelry lovers’ rush.

The computer age bent is a novel concept for the 85-year-old store and was championed by London owners’ son, Scott Udell, and his wife, Jessica, both 27, who says, “Most know the words for the ring they want to get, but they don’t really know what it looks like. They can find out here.”

Adds Scott, “This is a non-intimidating atmosphere to make one of the biggest purchases of your life. It’s about education and learning why you pay what you do for certain things.”

There’s a back-of-store lab, where clients can examine actual stones through loupes and high-tech microscopes and become part of the design process. “I think of Nike, where you can create your own sneakers --  those are good for two years or so -- but a ring can last forever,” says Scott.

But, in case you’ve tired of your setting, you can create your own new design here as well as find gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

All in all, it’s about modern romance . . . a place for (grown up) kids in a (rock) candy shop. Located at 2032 Northern Blvd., call 516-918-4200 for more information and hours.

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