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Step one: Make your bed your oasis

Miesha Dans decorated her bed in her single

Miesha Dans decorated her bed in her single room at Hofstra University. Photo Credit: Photo by Miesha Dans

Your bed is your comfort zone away from home.

It's what you dream about while you're falling alseep in class, what you can't wait to hit after an all night party and what you'll retreat to when you're feeling homesick or stressed.

If your mattress feels like a slab of concrete on move-in day, don't panic; it's nothing a mattress pad or topper can't fix. Memory foam offers extra cushioning that feels custom fit to your body. This foam topper from BJ's will fit your bed and comes with a machine washable fleece zipper cover for easy maintenance. 

Remember, most dorm beds are size twin extra long.

Next, choose your sheets. Keeping them one solid color allows you to have more fun with your bedspread. These twin extra long jersey sheets from Target are soft and light and come in basic and bright hues.

Visually, your bed is the focal point of your room, and your bedspread is what defines it. Don't worry so much about fit here, because a bigger spread can just hang off the side of your bed for more coverage.

Whether your look is girly, sophisticated, bold or simple, make sure you select a comforter you can base the rest of your decor around.

This Kate Spade comforter from Bed Bath & Beyond is the ultimate cheerful statement to brighten any rainy day, and boys love this blue and white rugby stripe set from Target. This London-inspired comforter set is perfect for the student who can't wait to study abroad.

Now it's time for the accessories: a fuzzy blanket and lots and lots of pillows.

This Super Soft blanket from Sears and a long body pillow will be your best cuddle buddies, guaranteed.

Make sure you have at least two pillows of just the right firmness to support your head and neck. Down pillows feel like sleeping on clouds if you're into soft and fluffy, and for comfort and support you can never have too much memory foam.

Choose colorful pillowcases to liven up a quiet bedspread, or pick one color theme to tone down a busy one.

If you have some extra space, keep friends out of your bed with a fun futon and your room will surely be the new hangout spot, at least on movie night.

The only problem now? Getting out of your luxurious bed in time for early morning classes. This crazy invention from will help you: an alarm clock on wheels you have to chase around the room to turn off. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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