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Tights that trim as you go about your

Tights that trim as you go about your daily activities? There's a new line out called ShaToBu that claims to do just that. Credit: Handout

So think about this. . . you’re just walking around doing whatever it is you do all day. And toning muscles and burning extras calories as you go.

Heard it all before, right? Too good to be true, right? But chiropractor Denise Perron maintains she’s created a product that does all that. And she backs her claims with some impressive documentation -- including a peer-reviewed study at the University of Virginia.

Called ShaToBu (shape, tone and burn, get it?), the line just launched at Lord & Taylor stores in Manhattan, Manhasset and Garden City and consists of a variety of tights and shapers, along with several tops that are said to support your posture (perfect for the desk dwellers among us.) Some of the prices: basic tights, $28, high-waisted shaper, $68; posture-support tee, $54. You can check out the full line at

The secret to all this is construction based on the principles of resistance bands, says Perron. The University of Virginia’s Arthur Weltman, director of the graduate exercise physiology program who conducted the study, said results showed women wearing the garments had “significant” increase in energy expenditures.

Makes a certain amount of sense -- I’m sure my arms would be tighter if I walked around all day yanking on an exercise band. So, it’s black tight season anyway, I’ll give them a shot. I don’t expect to be a size 2 (or a 4 or a 6) anytime soon, but as my Nana used to say, it couldn’t hurt.

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