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Tim Gunn's PETA party

Tim Gunn co-hosted a PETA party Thursday night celebrating their new "Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked" ad, which features Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson (in a pose that's discreet yet ohhh, natural).  Gunn has been a PETA advocate for years, and even narrates an excruciating video on YouTube (mute your computer if you don't want to hear the bunny scream).  So we asked Gunn what got his anti-fur ball rolling.

Back in 2000, he explained, when he became a department chair at Parsons School of Design, the International Fur Trade Federation sponsored an annual fur design project at the school.  A colleague suggested giving PETA equal time, and "I jumped at the suggestion because it was my responsibility to make the students understand they must accept responsibility for [their] decisions. Make any decision you want, but understand the underlying issues."

The PETA talk was tough. "There were tears, some became ill," he admits.  But it made an impact, and not just on students.  For Gunn, it was "a defining moment."

So when exactly will he star in his OWN "I'd Rather Go Naked" ad?  That one, he didn't have an answer for.

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