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Tips from Armani's makeup man

You could barely budge on a recent Friday inside R.J. West in Huntington. The chic spa/makeup salon had visiting royalty from the cosmetics world — a team from Giorgio Armani Beauty, lead by the company’s international makeup artist Tim Quinn — and lots of local women wanted in on the action.

Quinn has worked with lots the Hollywood elite--Debra Messing, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, the list goes on. But like all great makeup artists, he’s always got a tip that translates to those of us who don’t generally have our faces done by such heavyweights.

So on this day, with spring in full bloom, Quinn was talking foundation and bronzer. This is the time of year when a lot of women tend to go too light with their foundation, he suggests, so he’d been steering customers to slightly darker shades. And, of course, bronzer, specifically the new summer product from Armani called Bronze Mania, which comes in a combo pallette with some lovely Mediterranean green eyeshadows for $85.

Here’s the best tip I got from Quinn: When applying bronzer, think the number 3. (He’s talking shape, not quantity.) You basically start at the hairline on your forehead, then continue “drawing” the 3 around the eye, then over the cheekbone and finally along the jawline. It works, I tried it as soon as I got home. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend.

Even though Quinn’s gone, the staff at R.J. West, (28 Gerard St., Huntington, (631) 271-2108) will help you summerize your make routine with lots of top brands.

But back to Quinn for one minute. I asked him what issues seemed to be of concern to the Long Island customer. “Well,” he said, thinking on it. “Age comes up a lot.”



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