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Vena Cava: Maxi to the max

A model walks down the runway for the

A model walks down the runway for the Vena Cava Show at 2011 Fall Fashion Week at Milk Studio in New York City. (Feb. 10, 2011) Credit: Photo by Bruce Gilbert

The Vena Cava gals — Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai —  sure do love their '90s nostalgia. At their runway show at Chelsea's MILK Studios, they handed out a 'zine with '90s memories and pix contributed by VC's hipster pals.  The collection, too, had a whiff of Goth, but glittered up (models wore sparkly makeup dappled on lids and under eyes, like they were slugged with glitter — a literal shiner). 

But there was still a somber tone to the loooong-hemmed line, with maxi dresses and well-past-knee skirts in black and white.  Just a few pops of color herea — three-quarter green leather skirt or a dusky-pink print on a top and skirt.

We liked the deep, dramatic square necklines and the cropped or slit tops offering flashes of skin — long looks don't have to mean covered up.

But wazzup with this crowd?  The tepid applause at the end means they weren't that thrilled. . . or are seriously in need of a jolt of java.  It's only Thursday, people — we've got a whole week to go.


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