William Rast, the brand created by teen-pop-star turned sex-symbol Justin Timberlake, and Trace Ayala, is the latest to sign on to create an affordable, limited-edition line for Target.

The collection, set to debut Dec. 9, will offer outerwear and sportswear for men and women. The line will also feature premium denim, what William Rast was originally composed of when it premiered in 2005. Timberlake and Ayala eventually introduced knits and leathers into their collection, expanding the once denim-only line into a complete lifestyle collection, which can now be found at high-end boutiques and department stores across the country.

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The limited edition collection will be available in Target stores and on target.com until Jan. 22. You can see the full, William Rast collection on their website, williamrast.com.

Timberlake and Ayala at the William Rast fall 2010 fashion show.