When Ryan Tierney was 11, he was a boy with a plan: to present Mom with a homemade book about their life together for Mother's Day. He sneaked a blank notebook from the family's closet, and every night after Robin Tierney went to sleep, Ryan worked on it. He looked through old photo albums and picked out pictures, including a first-grade picture of her. He wrote, "Who knew you would become the best mom?"

"You know how a mother always says, 'It's not what you spend, it's the thought that counts?' " Robin Tierney says. "He put so much thought into this. People cry when they read it." In honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, we tell the story of his gift and some others Long Island moms treasure.

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The mom: Easter Bagley, Huntington
The gift: An apron
Who made it: Daughter Ariell, now 10
How long Mom's had it: One year

Ariell made her mom the apron in school last year. "You had to pay for it for the teacher to buy it," Ariell says. It has an iron-on photograph of Ariell on it, and Ariell decorated it for mom with hearts, flowers and rainbows. "You are the best mom in the world," Ariell wrote, along with "Happy Mother's Day." But the apron's not in use in the kitchen - Mom hung it up in her bedroom. "I was just so touched by it," Bagley says. "I'm going to keep this forever. I love this; it's so special."

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