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How to reuse Christmas wrapping paper and bows

At Suite Pieces (a craft and furniture restoration

At Suite Pieces (a craft and furniture restoration store) some people have used Christmas paper to decorate a lamp and a few other objects. Julie and crew have already decorated a vase using ribbon; made paper cutouts and affixed to coasters and then sealed it with a 'varnish' called modge-podge. Here wrapping paper in cut into "cutouts" to be placed on items Huntington New York, Saturday December 12th, 2015. Credit: Jessica Earnshaw

’Tis the season to be thrifty.

The festive flair of the holidays doesn’t have to be done away with once the gifts are unwrapped and the seasonal bows untied. It is possible to regift your gift-wrap.

In this do-it-yourself age of repurposing everyday items, there are often ways to get multiple uses out of even the most forgettable of expenses.

Here are several clever ways you can give life to the leftover wrapping paper, bows and other holiday adornments that would otherwise wind up in the trash.


With a hole puncher, some string and wrapping paper, you can make your own party streamers. Cut the paper into fun shapes — circles, stars, triangles, hearts — punch a hole into each one and string them together.


Amanda Peppard, owner of Suite Pieces in Huntington Station, says a number of household items such as decorative crates, bowls and glasses can be given a little extra flair with the addition of leftover wrapping paper.

For this project, Peppard and her team at Suite Pieces, a vintage and DIY furniture shop with other locations in Massapequa and Brooklyn, cut scraps of wrapping paper into different shapes. They painted the back sides of each sliver with Modge Podge (an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish used to attach paper and fabric to various surfaces) and stuck them to a bowl. Peppard applied another layer of Modge Podge over the wrapping paper to completely seal the bowl.

Another option: The Suite Pieces team applied this same technique to dress up a bland set of coasters.


Unless it’s opened with extreme care, wrapping paper tends to take on a crumpled texture after it has been ripped from a gift. Shredded wrapping paper can easily be repurposed as festive confetti and party-ready décor, just in time for New Year’s Eve.

You can also shred wrapping paper into longer pieces for shipping stuffing.


Give boring serving trays a boost by lining them with wrapping paper. It makes for an easy, but festive, embellishment for dry goods like breads.


Here’s a simple approach to making bows courtesy of Martha Stewart: Cut used wrapping paper into 1-inch-thick strips, make the shortest strip about 4 ½ inches, twist each strip to form loops at both ends and make a circle out of the smallest one. Hold the bows together with double-sided tape. For added strength, Stewart advises, punch a hole in the center of each bow and secure it with a gold or silver paper fastener. Attach the final single loop with double-sided tape or hot glue.


Cut used wrapping paper into triangles, apply them to seam binding or burlap, string the triangles together and hang the banner at your next gathering.

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