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LIers reveal the worst gifts they ever received

It's almost that time of year. Here, LIers

It's almost that time of year. Here, LIers share the worst gifts they ever received. Credit: Handout

I love the holidays. From decorating my house to braving the crowded malls to do my Christmas shopping, I get into the spirit with the best of them. One of my favorite things to do is give gifts to my loved ones. Every year I try to top the previous one and buy bigger, better, more thoughtful gifts for my family. I love to see their expressions when they open what I consider a prized gift, and, most of the time, it's a success.

But there are always some years when what I thought was a great gift turns out to be a doozy. One particular Christmas, I had bought my husband, Jason, a bunch of gifts. Some of the things he had hinted at, while I kept a mental list throughout the year to surprise him with some others. He loves to cook, and, since we had recently gotten married, we received many new kitchen items from our registry. I remember his telling me that he wanted to get a wok. So, sure enough, that year I searched for "the best" wok out there and bought it for him.

On Christmas morning, I waited patiently as I watched him open the various gifts that were under the tree until he got to the wok. And I waited. I waited for his expression to change to a smile, but he looked at me and said, "Oh, a wok. Nice." I could tell he thought it wasn't the "best" gift, and my heart just dropped. He didn't have to tell me he didn't like it, I could read the expression on his face. Throughout the day it was bugging me, so I asked him about it. He said it was a great gift, but not something he thought I'd give him for Christmas when we could just go out and buy it for the house. I agreed with him and we still laugh about it today.

For many, the holiday season is about gift-giving and receiving. And sometimes you'll receive gifts that make you scratch your head and say, "Hm?" With that in mind, we reached out to our Facebook and Twitter fans and asked them to reveal the worst gifts they ever received. Some of them are pretty funny, but, at the end of the day, it's the thought that counts, right? Take a look:

A Chia Pet! Bad idea.
-Erica Popino, Brookhaven

I received a really crappy gift, no pun intended. It is a Moose Candy Dispenser. The "droppings" are supposed to be tasty. I would love to send a picture of it to you.
-Debbi Hager Spiegel, via Facebook

An old boss of mine once gave me a (clearly re-gifted) face serum that was supposed to "reduce the look of fatigue and dark circle on your face." It was an insult disguised as a present!
-Madeleine Burry, via Facebook

I once received a book that had an inscription to someone else (like it didn't say to Stacey!).
-Stacey Felsen Feintuch, via Facebook

I got a lace bra and thong from a client's parents!
-Maria Lazzinnaro-Condello, New Hyde Park

In a work Secret Santa, a cheap $2 key chain was given to me. The person claimed not to know there was a minimum of $10.
-Vanessa Cush, East Moriches

I've had a beard since I was 16. Every year my friend's mother gave me a bottle of aftershave! Maybe there was a message there?
-Marty Senetra, originally from Melville

An oven mitt.
-John Cabrera, via Facebook

My dad stole a purple wig off a mannequin in Sears and gave it to me for Christmas last year. The wig isn't even for humans.  It has a hole at the top for the mannequin's head. He also gets me deodorant, shampoo and other toiletries every year.
-Donna Jean, via Facebook

Seriously, my brother gave me a toilet plunger for Christmas. I'm sure he thought it a very practical gift.
-Antonia Romeo, Bellmore

Wrapped used tennis balls from grandma ...she's lost it in her old age.
-Ed Edders, via Facebook

I think the worst is nothing. When you have gotten nothing from someone you gave to or hoped from, it is sort of not right to do that at Christmas time!
-Lisa LaMonica, via Facebook

I asked for a jewelry box and got a baseball glove. Boy, I was surprised and not too happy.
-Lisa Guskin Solomon, Glen Cove

My daughter received a dictionary. But she also received a Coach handbag from the same person.
-Rosemarie Stallone Harsch, via Facebook

The worst gift I ever received was this tiny brown biscotti jar. If you were hungry before going for a cookie, this thing made you lose your appetite!
-Chrissy Guida, via Facebook

I don't know about worst, but here's a funny one: Do you remember when you bought a toy for the kids and they' open it up and put the toy to the side and play with the box? I always told my nephew that I would give him an empty box. One year I took the toy out of the box, wrapped up the empty box and put it under the tree. My nephew didn't think it was funny!
-Diane Brooks, via Facebook

What was the worst gift you ever received? Share your comments below.

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