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Where to cut your own Christmas tree

With the green giants at Rockefeller Center and RexCorp Plaza providing glittering examples of live Christmas trees, you might be pining for an old-fashioned evergreen to decorate with colored lights and tinsel this year.

For fans of the pine-scented real deal, there's a whole forest of "O, Tanenbaum"-worthy evergreens -- ranging from rafter sweepers to Charlie Brown-style table-toppers -- growing taller by the day at Long Island's Christmas tree farms.

You're invited to roam their fields with the kids in tow to choose your idea of piney perfection. Then you can either put your back into it with a bow saw - the cutting takes only a few minutes, experts say - or let the experts do the lumberjack number. They will then cart, pack and tie it securely to your vehicle for the ride home.

Wear warm clothes and a good pair of walking shoes and bring along a camera for snapping photos of your tree hunt.

--Compiled by Jim Merritt