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10 storage items to help declutter your home

Place extra pillows and blankets in a decorative

Place extra pillows and blankets in a decorative basket when you don't need them. Photo Credit: Fotolia / Alena Ozerova

Organizers will say that everything in your home must have a home. For easiest storage, opt for items that are rectangular and stackable. The storage ideas here offer you a variety of ways to stash and store.

1. Baskets: Baskets can be tucked onto shelves, hidden in closets or hung on a wall. Large baskets can hold blankets and pillows in the family room. Hang a basket on a wall next to the washer and dryer to hold dryer sheets or stain remover.

2. Bins: These are simply boxes without the lids. Large bins often have handles. Bins make quick work of picking up toys, shoes or hiding things. The rectangular shape means they store easily and stack nicely, too. For storage you need to access, choose clear bins. To keep a mess out of sight, choose opaque.

3. Deck or pool box: These hardworking storage monsters can gobble up extra clutter with ease — and you don’t need a pool to use them. Get a storage box to neaten up the basement, attic, porch or garage.

4. Hang it on a hook: This is one of the hardest-working items in the house and space-saving, too. Hang up towels, book bags, keys and coffee cups. Get your house streamlined and the towels hung up with some versatile hooks.

5. Rail and hook: Unlike simple hooks to hang a sweater on, the hooks on rail-and-hook combos are usually narrow and metal — perfect for hanging kitchen utensils and tools. Look for rail-and-hook systems to get the garage under control.

6. Lockers: They’re not just for school. Place lockers in the garage and give each household member a locker to store coats, shoes and sporting equipment. Look for standing lockers and basket lockers.

7. Pallets: Put old wooden pallets to use by securing them flat against a garage wall. This will neatly hold your long-handled implements like shovels and rakes.

8. Hanging storage: If you don’t have enough drawer space, look for storage hangers such as pocket hangers or shelves that hang on your closet rod. There’s a pocket for almost everything you have to store.

9. Wall pockets: Wall pockets make quick work of mail, magazines, homework, catalogs and bills. Look for both mounted and standing types.

10. Covered boxes: In the closet, in the office or out in the room, covered boxes keep piles of receipts or remotes neat. Plus, they’re versatile in both size and ways to use them to make them a necessity in every room of the house.

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