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3 NYC restaurants make annual Farm-to-Table list

Rodale's third annual Farm-to-Table list is out today, and three New York City restaurants have earned a spot there. The list is compiled by Rodale's chief executive and chairman Maria Rodale and posted on the Maria's Farm Country Kitchen blog.

The New York City restaurants honored this year are:

#6: Back 40: "Chef Peter Hoffman (of the Savoy) runs this little casual East Village establishment. I love Savoy, too. But I really love the casual, homey yet yummiful food found here. This past year I had a kale Caesar salad with deep-fried capers. It does not sound that good—but it was AMAZING. I was bummed that I ordered it to share with someone…because then I had to share.  I hate when that happens."

#8: New Leaf Cafe: "This restaurant is a bit of a trek to get to (it’s up near the Cloisters in Manhattan), but definitely worth the trip. It’s like going to the country and eating amazing locally grown and perfectly cooked food, without leaving the city. It’s magical and delicious. And the profits of the restaurant benefit the New York Restoration Project, which cleans and greens New York City by creating community gardens and pocket parks all over the city—so you can really feel good about what you spend."

#10: Rouge Tomate: "This place doesn’t LOOK like a farm-to-table restaurant. It looks more like one of those hip, trendy, boutique-hotel, chillaxing-type places (dark, trancelike music). But one look at the menu and you know you are in a place that respects local, seasonal, organic food. And the food is very, very good. I had a carrot salad there the other night that had so many subtle and delicious carrot flavors (hey, it didn’t look like any carrot salad I’ve ever made!), that I really had to slow down and savor all the tastes. For a non-drinker they also have really good fresh and in-season juice cocktails that are very delicious. I don’t usually like to drink my food…but sometimes even I need a drink!"

All 10 honorees on the list are chosen from eateries throughout the U.S. and Canada that promote farm-to-table, organic eating. 

You can see the entire list here.


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