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Bamboo accents, elements for your home

The bamboo loveseat with white cotton cushions would

The bamboo loveseat with white cotton cushions would brighten any room; $630 from Photo Credit:

Among antique designs and today’s sophisticated styles, there’s one decor element that’s timeless and yet especially fresh: bamboo. Whether you go for the actual bamboo product or a pattern that uses its knotty, jointed design, you can’t go wrong. And bamboo now goes anywhere, from the bedroom to the living room.

Bamboo is on the rise everywhere. From furniture to flooring, there’s a bamboo answer for almost every room in the house.

Bamboo is a terrific choice, too, for its style and its strength. Bamboo grows on almost every continent and regrows quickly, making it a sensible, eco-friendly option.

Hypoallergenic fiber

Even sheets and towels are now made in bamboo fiber. Quick to dry, soft and durable, bamboo is a terrific option in the bed and the bath. Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and an excellent option for keeping cool in bed on hot summer nights, or for anyone who perspires while sleeping. Because it’s quick to grow and has such well-known durability, bamboo flooring is a good choice that will last, and it’s perfect for homeowners looking to include more renewable resources in their home. Using bamboo in your home means cleaner indoor air; it’s simply a more natural and healthy decorative option.

Formal or informal

The style of bamboo furniture has burst on the scene again with more color and verve than ever before. Furniture options include everything from painted chests of drawers to natural brown love seats. The traditional Chippendale style is at home in both informal and formal settings and is a favorite of interior designers for its classic appeal. Antique stores and flea markets can offer a variety of bamboo items. Side tables, desks, chairs and settees can often be found online at websites like eBay or Etsy, or at tag or garage sales.

It’s tough

Bamboo is tough enough to be used as flooring and in “rugs,’’ so a vintage find can be a good value. If it needs some TLC, you’ll be happy to know you can bring your find back to life simply by repainting. A Chippendale-style chair with chipping paint will benefit from some light sanding. After that, preparing the surface is key and essential to remove dust. A can of compressed air or a blast of a garage compressor is usually all it takes to remove the dust from the small nooks and crevices. Touch up any sanded areas with some spray primer before painting. Next, decide whether you want a natural look; if so, go for a flat spray paint finish. For something fun and funky, opt for high gloss in a bold color. Or, go classic and spray with gold paint for something more formal and dressy. Bamboo, no matter the style, is a stylish and smart choice.

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