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Bedroom makeover: From maroon to marine

A look at a master bedroom after it

A look at a master bedroom after it was transformed. Photo Credit: Liz Glasgow


Homeowners Nicole Thomas, 38, and her husband, Patrick, 39, bought their Jamesport house in 2014 after making the decision to raise their twins in Manhattan. “This is our second home,” says Nicole. “We live in the city, but we wanted to give our family a place to experience nature, too.” The couple did extensive renovations and spent their first night as a family on the North Folk property in December 2015. While the whole house was renovated, it was the master bedroom that really needed help. “The original master bedroom felt very dark,” says Nicole. “There was a chair rail, and we didn’t like the colors. It all felt very heavy.”


Bringing in the beach: Nicole says she wanted the master bedroom to be more of an oasis, with beach blue tones and a relaxed feel. She brought in interior designer Debbie Gildersleeve from Renee’s, in Mattituck, after meeting Debbie’s sister while closing on the house. “Debbie’s sister was the real estate agent representing the sellers,” says Nicole. “And it was such a special home, and then we found out Debbie owns Renee’s, and we met her and she was just so down-to-earth and personable.” Together, Debbie and Nicole brought in ocean blues, rich reflective surfaces and lush textures. “We love the new look,” says Nicole. “The colors, the tile, the glass. It’s so relaxing, which is what a beach house should be.”

Sitting pretty: The most important part of the master bedroom, for Nicole, was that it feel like an oasis of calm. This new sitting area, with its overstuffed chairs and scenic view, hits all the right notes, she says. “My goal for this room is that I want to feel like I’m walking into the nicest hotel room every time I walk into my vacation house,” says Nicole. “And I love the light fixture Debbie picked out here.”

On fire: This renovation also shows that thrifty can be luxe. The room’s fireplace (not shown) originally came with a black-and-gold mantel, which to Nicole felt overwhelming. So she lightened the area up with some budget-conscious tiles. “We redid the fireplace in a beautiful earthy tile from Home Depot that we didn’t spend a lot of money on,” says Nicole. “But it looks like a million bucks. We’re still building our lives, and Debbie was very conscious about making something look and feel expensive without spending a lot of money. It’s hard to make a fireplace feel beachy, but we did. And Mike Alberti of Flawless Design did an unbelievable job with the molding, too.”

Soft and bold: Nicole also says she wanted to ensure the bedroom felt light and airy, while still embodying a lush aesthetic. “I love the simplicity of the furniture,” she says. “There isn’t a lot of it, but I wanted what was there to have a rustic beach feel, with antique-style mirrors.” Nicole says she is fond of the bedroom’s double doors, which create a bold entrance. “I love that the bedroom has two doors to open up and not just one. It makes it feel grand.” Additionally, she says she wanted to make sure the textures were comfy and welcoming. “The bed is my favorite thing ever,” she says. “That upholstered headboard is so, so cozy. And the white shag rug is the most comfortable thing you’ll ever put your feet on.”

Sea and sky: Finally, Nicole says, she wanted to make sure the colors of the room reflected the colors of the area. The room’s previous maroon accents just weren’t working, so she and her team chose a rich Benjamin Moore blue paint to bring the outside in. “I love the color of the room now,” says Nicole. “It reminds me of looking at the sky or the ocean. It’s just so peaceful, and that’s important, because I wanted the bedroom specifically to be a tranquil oasis. Now, overall, this is the house we’ve always dreamed of.”


Furniture, rug, lighting, accessories and artwork from Renee’s in Mattituck: $12,220

Window treatments by Nora Milheron for Renee’s: $2,845

Home Depot tiles (for fireplace, not shown): $204 ($17 per square foot)

Painting, molding and flooring materials and installation, closet doors and general contracting by Mike Alberti of Flawless Design in Manorville: $6,700

Design: $0 ($2,500 design fee waived because all products were purchased at Debbie Gildersleeve’s store, Renee’s)

TOTAL: $21,949

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