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Behold: The $15,000 pineapple!

Not the actual $15,000 pineapple; just a model

Not the actual $15,000 pineapple; just a model filling in for illustrative purposes. (March 24, 2012) Credit: Bruce Gilbert

Last month, I showed you how to grow your own pineapple at home. It's a fun and easy — albeit patience-requiring — project. Well, you might want to get crackin' on that, because if recent events in England are any indication of what such a fruit could yield, you could stand to make a tidy sum.

According to the UK newspaper The Sun, 30 tons of horse manure, urine and straw, plus the perseverance of staff at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall over a 2-year period contributed to the growth of a pineapple that was expected to be “deliciously sweet with an explosive flavour.” It would have to be, what with the fancy “u” in flavor.

They've valued the fruit at 10,000 British pounds, or roughly $15,000, but had no plans to sell it. Instead, the staff was to enjoy the fruit of their own labor. That right there makes me skeptical of its true value: They. Were. Going. To. Eat. It.

There's no word on why they felt their pineapple was so precious, and I'm not aware of any official pineapple-commodities pricing guidelines, but if they can say it's worth thousands, then we all should feel free to price our own fruit. I have a half-ripe banana on my kitchen counter that I'm proclaiming is worth $16,000. Maybe you do, too.

Ebay, anyone?

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