It has been some time since we’ve seen the color blue in interiors. The look for so long has been neutrals and brights, both a far cry from the color that often ranks high on everyone’s list of favorite colors.

Blue is a calming color that has always been dependable in decorating. Today, blue is coming back in a big way. If you’ve longed for the return of the color, you’re going to be happy to know it’s showing up in decor again and is trending in wall paint, accessories and furniture.

Kitchen to bedroom

Whether it’s your favorite blue and white Spode dinnerware or Chinese vases, the blue and white color combination has always been a classic. Today it’s even trendy. But blue can run the gamut from steely gray blue to deepest teal blue, indigo and robin’s egg. The color palette of blue has so much more to offer than pastels and medium sky blue. Give your white kitchen some style by painting the island blue. If you’re daring and looking for a big change, repaint kitchen cabinets with a gray-blue shade that’s comforting and contemporary at the same time.

If your bedroom could use some color to break up the neutral palette, blue makes a great choice. Shadow, a deep lavender-blue and Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2017, makes a restful and calming choice that won’t disturb the relaxing appeal of a neutral room.

Complements and accents

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Pairing blues is easy. Medium shades of blue go beautifully with white, dark shades complement white and neutral colors. Caribbean blue and aqua go beautifully with almost any color. Try pairing with brown for a sophisticated twist on an island-inspired look. Dark furniture looks rich and relaxing when surrounded by soothing pale blue walls. Try repainting the interiors of white cabinets or built-ins with blue paint or blue wallpaper to add some newness.

If paint is out of the question, try making some quick accessory changes that put the focus on blue. Blue lamps make a statement by becoming color focal points in the room and add a nice change from the standard metallic or glass versions. Blue bedding and throws add a quick dash of blue that feels fresh. Look for blues in patterns on tiles, rugs, wallpaper and upholstery. Mixing in bright blue shades in a black and white color scheme makes everything pop. Replace white mini chandelier lampshades with blue ones to pull the color upward.

Navy instead of black

If you have a white house and a black door, why not repaint it in a luscious inky shade of navy? It’s rich and will make the white of your house seem brighter and whiter. In the bathroom, look for small blue tiles to make the shower or bathroom feel like a dip in azure Mediterranean waters. In upholstery, go for a blue velvet bench at the end of the bed or a cozy blue velvet chair to curl up in with a good book. Blue may be a steadfast kind of color, but it needn’t be boring. And today, its appeal feels far from expected because blue looks and feels new.