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Steal this luxe look in the Hamptons

The Bridgehampton sitting room.

The Bridgehampton sitting room. Credit: Ric Marder Imagery

In this Bridgehampton sitting room, Port Washington designer Keith Baltimore used worldly accents and fine details to create a sophisticated twist on a classic Hamptons color scheme. “It’s red, white and blue — the whole house is — so it has a very patriotic, very Hamptons, very July Fourth feel,” Baltimore says. But at the same time, “It’s a very traveled look — an international vibe.”

WHAT IT TAKES The room was budgeted as part of a whole-house design project. If you wanted to create a single room of similar size and design caliber, Baltimore estimates you’d need a budget of $60,000, including the designer’s fee, labor and materials at trade pricing, which differs from retail.

Following are details of five fabulous features, and what you might pay for something similar at retail — plus the designer’s tips for creating your own luxe look for less.


What you might pay: $2,500

Why it’s worth it: The glamorous globe, topped with a shimmering compass rose, evokes world travel. “It’s a designer piece, it’s encased in chrome — it’s the sparkle,” Baltimore says.

The scale, simplicity and spherical shape are more important to the design than the fanciness of the fixture. If you’re on a budget, “the same effect could be done with a paper lantern,” says Baltimore.


What you might pay: $200 each

Why it’s worth it: The silhouette of these long, low pillows reflects that of the chairs for a symmetrical look. The red hue makes a playful pop, while the flirty flange trim  breaks up the solids of the sofa.

Steal the look for less: Forgo the flange in favor of just-right size and shape. “What I think is the magic of the room is the sense of scale,” says Baltimore. “Taller pillows would not have read as sleek.”


What you might pay: $5,000

Why it’s worth it: This 8-by-10-foot wool rug features a very small animal print pattern in blue and white. “It’s all very subtle, because it’s a beach house,” says Baltimore. “It doesn’t feel fancy, yet the overall visual is very sophisticated and chic.”

Steal the look for less: If you have to choose between the material and the style, go with the style; as long as the texture is small and the colors are correct, an inexpensive carpet remnant can achieve a similar look, the designer says.


What you might pay: $20,000 (estimate includes high-end hardware and custom installation)

Why it’s worth it: To keep the light feeling of the space, the designer layered luxurious sheer over sheer. The blue plaid fabric, imported from Paris, has a “luminous casualness,” Baltimore says.

Steal the look for less: You can’t fake the feel of fine fabric or the drama of custom drapery, but you can layer lower-priced sheers in two different colors to mimic the overall effect.


What you might pay: $3,500

Why it’s worth it: Églomisé — a technique in which paint (in this case silver leaf) is applied to the back of clear glass — gives the mirrored tabletop an interesting mottled texture that offsets all the solids throughout the room. “It’s very subtle, but it added that zhuzh  effect,” Baltimore says.

Steal the look for less: Textural tabletop accessories can be used to obscure an ordinary mirrored surface. Try a tray of river rocks, the designer suggests.


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