Isn't that a flower in Britney's hair?

Britney Spears not only doesn't garden, she's appalled that people think she does. So much so that a report of her appreciation for horticulture appears at #57 on the official's year-end rumor-debunking list "The Year in BS." Get it?

The disputed post quoted "a source" saying Britney not only runs straight to her garden when she gets home from a tour, but that she's been spied reading "Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul" backstage. According to Britney, this ranks right up there with charges she claimed her father molested her, reports she's dating a Bollywood star and that her sons trashed a Las Vegas hotel room.

I can't help but wonder why rumors that she likes to garden would irk her so much that they wind up on a list described as containing reports that were "actually inaccurate," "reported the patently absurd" or "are simply offensive to the sensibilities." I can understand how other rumors, like those that contend she's pregnant, takes part in X-rated London parties, was booed offstage for lip-synching, slept with baby daddy Kevin, and is recording a posthumous duet with Michael Jackson, a la Natalie Cole, could upset the diva. But gardening? Really?

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