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Seeds for New Year's resolutions?

Burpee's New Year's Resolution Garden package

Burpee's New Year's Resolution Garden package Photo Credit: Burpee

This is weird: I just received a "New Year's Resolution Garden" package of seeds from Burpee. 

While I like the idea of pre-planned gardens and seed compilations for beginners (it's a less-stressful way to get your feet wet), this really seems like a bit of a stretch.

The package lists seven resolutions, and includes seed packs for seven plants that, presumably, will help you achieve your goals. Unlike a preplanned garden, the seeds don't necessarily go together, though the included poster does depict a raised-bed garden containing all seven plants.

Here's what's included:

Resolution No. 1: I will lose weight - Lettuce loose leaf heat wave blend ("Enjoy the flavor while shedding the pounds")

Resolution No. 2: I will exercise - Garden bean blue lake white seeded pole ("Grow beans, grow fit")

Resolution No. 3: I will save $$$ - Tomato supersteak hybrid (giant) ("Tremendous flavor. Incredible savings.")

Resolution No. 4: I will have less stress - Mixed annual cutting flowers ("A mood-enhancing collection of colorful, fragrant flowers."

Resolution No. 5: I will help the environment - Monarda Bergamo ("... attracts beneficial insects, especially bees, the buzzing workforce of plant pollination.")

Resolution No. 6: I will make more family time - Sunflower sunforest mix (Guaranteed fun. The whole family can help create your very own sunflower forest.")

Resolution No. 7: I will be healthier - Carrot burpee A#1 hybrid  ("Carrots are the perfect healthy snack.")

Contrived silliness aside, at $10, maybe it would make a nice hostess gift or a token for a teacher or someone else who deserves a little thank you.

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Great gift or bogus? Leave a comment below.

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