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How to give your ceiling a treatment this weekend

One of the biggest trends in ceiling treatments

One of the biggest trends in ceiling treatments is wood, such as this beadboard paneling. Credit: Getty Images/Django

There has been talk about how to add interest to walls, create focal points and add wall texture, but the ceiling has long been overlooked. That's all changing now as ceilings get in on the act and make you raise your sights and enjoy the view up high. If you're ready for a new look in your home, maybe all you need is to focus on the fifth wall.


One of the biggest trends in ceiling treatments is wood. Beams have been on the decorative radar a long time now, but wood can go in more directions than standard beams. A trendy look is wood plank ceilings.

Whether tongue in groove, shiplap or barn wood, the planked ceiling is fresh and warms up a room. It requires working with heavy weight over your head to install, but if you're moderately handy, you can do this with helpers. However, the heavy work of installing wood ceilings can be eliminated by simple designs like beadboard. Beadboard is timeless and can give your ceilings a new look; it can be installed, painted and trimmed in a weekend.

Brick and stone looks are other ways to add texture and appeal. Bricked ceilings have a European look that's warm and inviting, and a quick way to add brick to your ceiling is to add brick textured panels. At less than $30 per sheet, brick panels can be nailed into ceiling joists and then painted; then you've got a look straight out of Barcelona or Mexico City. Order a specific brick style or paint with wall paint to blend in with your wall color. Painted brick panels look terrific on both walls and ceilings.

Ceiling paper

You can give your ceiling a terrific look, and do it quickly, by adding wallpaper to the ceiling. If the look of wood is appealing but you're not sure if you want it up there a long time, wallpaper, or rather ceiling paper, could be the answer to a quick transformation that doesn't have to hang around forever.

Wallpapering your ceiling is an easy way to change the color, pattern and feel of your ceiling. If you don't like the idea of installing a wood ceiling, go with a wood panel print, which comes in a range of colors.

For interest, try adding pattern on the ceiling with peel-and-stick wallpaper with fun neutral designs that come off as easily as they go up. Brick and stone patterns also come in wallpaper. Or try a natural stone look.

Endless options

The choices of color, texture and style are wide open for ceilings, and because it's only one wall, the expense is less costly than if you were adding these treatments and papers to all four vertical walls. This enables you to get a high-fashion look and splurge on a nicer treatment, because you're working with only one wall. Ceilings can have vinyl tiles that mimic the look of an expensive carved wood or expensive engraved copper. Try unique papers such as geometric patterns, grass cloth or checkered for fast ceiling panache.

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