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Christmas tree experiment: Day 12

Despite running scared last week, I'm very pleased to report the Vacation plant preservative is doing a bangup job keeping the Christmas tree fresh. In years past, I've had to fill my reservoir tree stand just about every day. I added water this morning for just the second time since giving the tree a dose of the product, and the tree isn't drying out or dropping any needles.

I blame John for my earlier panic regarding dropped needles and dry branches and the potential for creating a fire hazard. I now believe those needles already were loose on the newly-bought tree and that they fell when shaken during the decorating process. As you might recall, I broke down and filled the reservoir with water -- just in case.

I'm sure much of the water was lost to evaporation this past week, and maybe the tree "drank up" a little, too, but it's a pleasure not to have to lug a pitcher of water from the kitchen every day and just keep the stand filled as a precaution.

Check back for more updates.

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