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Closet door design tips to free up space, add style

Sliding barn doors save space and offer an

Sliding barn doors save space and offer an unobstructed view. Photo Credit:

Closet interiors receive a lot of attention, with shelving, chandeliers and a plethora of organizational offerings that will keep your folded clothes separate from the hanging items, sort your shoes and house plenty of drawer space for everything. But what about the way you get into that closet? A beautiful closet shouldn’t be hidden behind a dull door. Dress up your closet and your dressing area with a closet door makeover.

Barn door When a closet door opens, it tends to take up valuable floor space. Eliminate that by adding a barn door. A plus for adding a single barn door on a closet is the ability to access the whole closet, unlike double sliding doors, which expose only half of the closet at a time. For the same effect, but without all the hardware of a barn door, you can use a track system that enables closet doors to slide to either side of the wall on a streamlined roller track.

Pocket door This is another way to access your closet more easily and allow you to see the whole closet. A pocket door, which slides into the wall, will involve more construction and is not an easy DIY job, but if you’re starved for room inside and outside the closet, and have the kind of wall a door can recede into, a pocket door might be the best option.

Bifold doors Although bifold doors might not be your go-to choice in closet door makeovers, they come in more styles than they used to. Select a style that you like, add trim to the outside to give them more pizzazz, or simply repaint what you have. To give them a new look, take them off the track and add hinges on the end panels where they mount to the door frame. This enables them to open all the way, which is extra helpful for accessing those dark closet corners. Be sure to add a magnetic door latch to keep the doors closed tightly.

Curtains When closet doors are removed, curtains are often added inside the door frame of the closet. For something new and updated, try hanging curtains at the ceiling. A light drape with a matching colored sheer can create the illusion of a window. Blackout curtains, on the other hand, make messes easy to hide.

Woven wooden drape Another contemporary option is the woven wooden curtain drape. These drapes come in a variety of styles and create an option that fits somewhere between a traditional door and fabric curtain. Woven panels are also an easy way to cover your closet with something nontraditional.

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