It’s showing up everywhere and knocking the metal standbys aside. Copper is warm, trendy, sophisticated and can be dressed up or down to suit your decorating mood. This metal is made for more than gelatin molds, though. You’ll love how copper can bring a glamorous charm to your style.

Copper touches

Adding some small touches with a copper glint is all it takes to bring in some of copper’s beautiful sheen. Like its cousin, gold leaf, copper leaf is easy to apply and can be bought online at Simply brush with a metal leaf adhesive and then lay the copper leaf on top. Use a soft brush to apply the leaf to your surface. Be sure to wear gloves so the leaf doesn’t stick to your fingers. If that’s too much work, try using copper spray paint. Spray paints have come such a long way and today’s metal sprays look terrific.

Copper projects

Warm up your home and refresh your décor with a copper shimmer. There are dozens of places and items that can use a touch of copper. Look around the house for items that have a dingy finish. Something unexpected is a copper mirror. Take a tired, gold-framed mirror or picture and give it a spray of copper paint.

Anywhere you find a bit of metal is the perfect spot to add a copper accent. Look for lamps, light fixtures or metal tables to give a copper makeover. Treat mundane items like candle holders, plant pots, or vases to a shot of copper.

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Big copper

Nothing commands attention like a large piece of copper. First up is the copper vent hood. If your kitchen has lacked a focal point, a kitchen hood in warm, lustrous copper will add instant impact. Balance out your kitchen with a copper farmhouse sink that will wear beautifully and make your kitchen look distinctive and inviting. Don’t worry if your appliances are stainless; the mixed metals look fabulous and daring, too. For a lighter touch, go for copper wallpaper. Wallpaper is trendy, and with a copper tone you’ll have a fresh new look.


Copper doesn’t have to be a commitment. Even accents and accessories can quickly bring copper into your home’s décor. Try some fun copper pieces such as bowls to brighten the kitchen or dining table. But try to put copper in unexpected areas, like a copper boot tray at the front door for a warm touch and an easy spot for wet shoes. Or give your bathroom a contemporary touch with copper bath accessories.