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Decorating with pink (not for millennials only)

Pink can warm up a room decorated in

Pink can warm up a room decorated in cool grays. Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Blush pink is the It color. Far from the bubble-gum pink of little girls’ dolls or stomach medication, blush is softer and paler, both refined and sophisticated. It’s a version of what’s being called millennial pink, that suddenly omnipresent shade that can fall anywhere from beige to blush to peach to salmon.

Blush pink, with its quiet elegance, is at home in the living room, in accessories or anywhere you want a lighter, yet refined, touch of color in your home.


Just like its liquid counterpart, rose wine, blush pink hits that just-right note of not being white, but not being an audacious red, either. When Pantone’s Rose Quartz color was named color of the year in 2016, it was hard to imagine it or its partner color of the year, the blue hue called Serenity, as fitting anywhere but a nursery. It took time to see the sophistication of this pale pink, but it’s a natural for pairing with almost any color in your home.

Next to beige, blush pink is understated and refined. With black, it’s richly opulent. Gray becomes warm and inviting when paired with blush or dusty pink. Next to ivory, blush pink is as elegant as a fondant-covered wedding cake. Metallics are another natural pairing with blush pink, looking stunning no matter which metal it’s up against. Next to gold, blush makes a posh statement. Mixed with silver, it is delicate and cool. Add in copper or rose gold, and blush pink has a warm, friendly appeal.

Touch of blush

There can be no doubt that blush pink has a definitively feminine essence. Even so, the lightness of the color is perfect for any room where you’d like the feeling to be more relaxed or casual, such as a bedroom. Try a coat of blush pink to soften up a white bedroom, or swap linens to a blush color.

Feng shui advocates have long touted the romantic benefits of pink sheets for livening up a relationship. A pink bedroom can be seen as taking on the hues of the beach, lifting the colors straight from the rising sun and the interiors of seashells. Or try it in an elegant contemporary bedroom for its softening effect.

Accents also are nice ways to introduce blush to your decor without making a commitment to wall color. Add a pair of pink lamps on either side of a bed, or a pair of pink throw pillows to the sofa.

If you’re looking for a place in your home to try some blush paint, why not try it in a powder room? Nothing can put the powder in powder room like blush pink can. Swap out cabinet pulls, door handles and plumbing fixtures with goldtone fixtures and your powder room will look like a pink-lined jewel box.

Another great space for blush pink is a dressing room or closet. Line walls in blush pink wallpaper or fabric, add a sparkling chandelier and coat woodwork in ivory, and you’ve got a closet that looks luxurious and feminine. Add in a round pouf or slipper chair, and your closet is complete.

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