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Design: Decorate like Hollywood royalty

Plush upholstery and billowing curtains create a soft,

Plush upholstery and billowing curtains create a soft, luxe feel. (2012) Credit:

Sparkling, luxurious and glamorous. These are words that describe the Hollywood Regency decorating style. Sometimes called Hollywood Glamour, this decor delivers high style that's decadently opulent, yet elegant. Whether you're a certified starlet or simply ready for your close-up, Hollywood Regency will make you feel pampered.

The close-up

Hollywood Regency is marked by high drama. Furnishings are at once dramatic and soothing. Boldness shows up in style and design more than in bright colors. In fact, one cornerstone is the lack of color. Hollywood style is like a Hollywood night -- full of sparkle and bright lights. With simple palettes that focus on silver, gray and pale, pastel tones become the sophisticated backdrop for the room's "starring" occupant. The unification of pale colors creates an aura of regal elegance.

Sparkle and shine

Whether it's an ornate mirror or a sumptuous dressing table filled with crystal perfume bottles, mirroring plays a starring role in Hollywood Regency. After all, no starlet would live in a room without the sparkle and hedonistic reflection a mirror offers.

The use of mirrored furniture is the perfect glistening option for bringing a shining touch to a room. Today, mirrored furniture can be found at the simplest of big box retailers to high-end furniture companies, making the Hollywood style easier -- and cheaper -- to adopt than ever before.

Acrylic is another terrific, yet underrated, material that creates easy glamour. Acrylic chairs, accessories and small tables all create a sparkling Cinderella feel and come in a range of prices to match any budget.

Quite white

In addition to mirrors and pale hues, the other cornerstone of Hollywood Regency is the liberal use of white. Large white flokati rugs, lush padded headboards, overstuffed white chairs, and fluffy white, cloudlike beds are all hallmarks. White should be liberally used throughout a room. White vases, chandeliers and table lamps are good options. Heavy, ornate moldings in glossy white paint amp up the allure even further.

Details, details

It's the details that make this decorating style really sing. Luxurious textured throws, thick trims, plush upholstery and billowing curtains create a soft, luxe feel. Accents should be big, bold and highly decorative.

Look for furnishings that feature arched or swooping designs. Dramatic artwork provides the finishing touches in a room filled with Hollywood glamour.

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