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Hues of blues and greens bring a cooling touch to home decor

To give a bedroom the cool, breezy feeling

To give a bedroom the cool, breezy feeling of a sleeping porch, add long, gauzy white curtains. Credit: Tribune Content Agency

You can feel hot just looking at blazing summer hues like yellow, coral, pink and red. Here are some quick and easy ways to create a cool, fresh, breezy look around the house.


A simple way to bring down the "visual" temperature in any room is to take a cue from the beach. Lots of beach houses are decorated in bright white and light colors, especially blue.

Change the mood in your living room or den by throwing some white slipcovers over sofas and chairs.

Add some light-colored throw pillows, like the Exquisite at Ikat ($27.60 at and you've got a new room perfect for lounging on the humid summer days.


Give your porch an instant cool-down with a coat of pale blue paint on the ceiling. Just by gazing up from their lounge chairs, family and friends will feel like they've caught a breeze, even when temperatures are sultry and the air is standing still.

Go for colors like Morning Glory by Benjamin Moore or Aviary Blue by Sherwin Williams to cool things down. If your bedroom is white or beige, these ceiling shades will look just as refreshing indoors as they do outside.


In the bedroom, try swapping out wood, upholstered or metallic furniture with painted pieces. Or, if you're ready for a permanent change, paint whatever you have in there with a light coat of white, ivory or antique white paint. Replace your heavy comforter with a light matelassé coverlet. To give your bedroom the cool, breezy feeling of a sleeping porch, add long, gauzy white curtains.

For a romantic touch, drape the bed with a canopy of flowing white curtains. When a ceiling or room fan is turned on and the canopy moves in the breeze, you'll feel instantly cooler. Canopies are a snap to put over any bed if you buy the kind you simply hang from a hook in the ceiling.

The Temple Canopy will give you that airy look inexpensively, and installation takes just minutes ($157 at Don't like that look? Add extra-long sheers to an L-shaped drapery rod or PVC plumbing pipe, attach at the ceiling and hang at the four corners of your bed to give the illusion of a canopy.

In the bathroom, add a bright white or beach-themed shower curtain, such as the Bacova Guild La Mer fabric shower curtain by Shell Rummel ($31.99 at

Swap out dark towels with sea foam greens and pale blues. Fill a small dish with beach glass and seashells and add a beach-scented candle for a light, summery feel.

Be sure to run the vent fan when you shower in the summer, too, to keep humidity down. Extra moisture in the house will make you feel hotter.

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