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Designer tips on enhancing a room’s décor

Contemporary lounge with gray sofa and wall unit

Contemporary lounge with gray sofa and wall unit on background and accents of bright red and black. Photo Credit: Fotolia

Look at any decorating magazine, and it appears that those beautiful rooms just happened. But designers have tips and secrets to help pull a room together so that it’s artfully arranged and a beauty to behold. But what are some of those secrets that make those rooms so appealing? Here are some you can use in your home.

PICK YOUR METAL. The type of finish you use in a room creates a style. Both stainless and gold finishes are timeless. But how do you choose? Go for feel. Use silver if you want cool and sophisticated, and gold for warmth and elegance.

PAIR UP. Use pairs of chairs on either side of a console or place a pair of ottomans in the living room. These pairs can be brought in for extra guests at parties or holiday gatherings. Or, try a pair of tables instead of the single coffee table. And always add a pair of pillows on either end of the sofa. A single pillow appears lonely and skimpy, but a pair on either end looks inviting.

GO GREEN. Beautiful homes will often have one large beautiful plant instead of a mix of small potted plants. Opt for a single, large statement piece of greenery to soften a corner and add visual impact.

HANG SCONCE LIGHTING. Wall lighting is just another layer in lighting that’s at once helpful and romantic. Place sconces in hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. You’ll never regret adding these charming beauties to your room.

TRY WALLPAPER. Once considered old-fashioned, wallpaper belongs somewhere in every home. Add it to a guest room, ceiling, foyer, closet, powder bathroom, armoire or behind a bed.

USE WALL BRACKETS. A house that’s full of square pictures on every wall lacks dimension. Add brackets to hold plates or figurines to your walls. Wall brackets will add interest and depth to your décor.

INSTALL HEADBOARDS. Too many beds lack a headboard, and the bedroom looks and feels incomplete. While purchasing a bed might be expensive, a padded headboard can be found easily for not that much money. No matter how many pillows you pile on the bed, it will never look right without a headboard.

GO FOR RED AND BLACK. Designers swear that every room needs a spark of red and a touch of black. Don’t be afraid of either color, because both add a punctuation mark in a room. Try black frames around photographs to help unify them or a piece of furniture painted black. Red accents such as artwork, pillows or lamps add a punch of color.

DON’T SKIMP ON THE DETAILS. Adding luxurious trims to curtains, pillows, towels and upholstery can completely change their look. Also, including little accents like a key with a luxurious tassel in a desk or armoire keyhole, or placing a crystal vase on a desk to hold pens adds interest.

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