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Eclectic use of materials highlight new home decor styles

These acrylic and metal humidifiers from Objecto double

These acrylic and metal humidifiers from Objecto double as art; $169 to $369, available in store at Bloomingdale's at the Roosevelt Field Mall, 630 Old Country Rd., Garden City. Credit: Objecto

Creativity could be found in all corners at the recent NY Now trade show at the Javits Center in Manhattan. It is held each summer and winter and is open to decorators, store buyers and the media, and features a wide range of home decor and tabletop products from solo artisans and larger design studios. Hundreds of vendors from around the world filled the space with fun, functional, crafty and artistic home goods. Here are some of the interesting products spotted at the show.


Serve your cocktails securely, and fashionably, on this tray from Austin, Texas-based FINELL. The stretchy silicone bands, wrapped around the deep parallelogram ($295) and round ($395) trays, keep drinks from spilling. The trays are available in sleek black or summer white and can be purchased at


These elegant porcelain plates, handcrafted by Long Island City design studio Klein Reid, are intentionally mismatched. Each piece has a subtle difference in shape and they are delicately stamped with flowers. Prices start at $76; available at


Brooklyn designer Rebecca Atwood focuses on hand dyeing, printing and painting. Her line of shibori pillows features the ancient Japanese tie-dyeing method that uses indigo and is very on trend. Prices range from $129 to $300; at


Designer Lisa Jones of Pigeon Toe, based in Portland, Oregon, offers sophisticated home decor that incorporates the look of traditional handicrafts. Her votive candle holders ($110) and canopy lights ($340 for a swing-arm sconce and $460 for a solo pendant) are made of porcelain and woven rattan reed. Available at


Hilary Nagler of Flea Market Rx, in Santa Monica, California, takes old plumbing pipes and, with a little stripping and cleaning, transforms them into shabby chic storage options. Prices range from $52 for a robe/towel hook to $156 for a 36-inch storage bar; available at


If you're getting a little bored with your place settings, Plat du Jour offers an easy and inexpensive way to change things up and give your table a little je ne sais quoi. The paper place mats, which come in pads of 50, feature a range of designs, from silly to sophisticated. $32 per pad at

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