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Edison bulbs can give a new look to an old fixture

Edison bulbs come in various shapes and sizes.

Edison bulbs come in various shapes and sizes. Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Lighting and, in particular, light bulbs have come a long way since Edison invented them. They put out more light than ever and use less energy. In an ironic twist, it’s the Edison bulb that is back in favor for decorating, especially when creating a retro industrial vibe. But these bulbs have undergone eco-friendly changes. Rather than change your lighting fixture for a new style, consider taking another look at swapping your old bulbs for Edisons. Think of it as redecorating with just a twist of your wrist.

Edison style

If you think there’s only one type of Edison bulb, think again. Today, you can purchase LED Edison-style bulbs, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any lighting fixture. They can be found in tubular and round styles, and in a vintage-looking style called “antique.” If that’s not enough choice, the filaments also vary. Some bulbs have spiral filaments, some have multiple filaments.

You’re certain to find a style that will complement your fixture and suit your taste. Try adding a new Edison bulb to a track fixture or pendant to create a new look in a snap.

Or, create your own lighting fixture by making a shadow box with some lumber you have lying around. Stain or paint the wood, drill a hole, add a simple lighting wire and a cool Edison bulb and you’ve got a great new accent piece. Find an interesting wall hook, attach it next to the bed and drape an Edison bulb over it to create a bedside lamp.

For something a little less industrial and a little more chic, add Edison bulbs with large spherical glass bulbs with a twisting filament. Their bulked-up look is captivating, and they look terrific all on their own.

For something retro chic, make your own lighting fixture with a mix of antique and sphere bulbs.

First light

Edison bulbs come in a variety of lighting styles and colors. You can find Edison bulbs in cool white, bright white and gold-colored lighting. Not all Edison bulbs have to be clear either. Some are all white and don’t show the filament, and others come in a variety of colors such as pink, red, blue and green. Just think how festive these would look for a party.

Take an older fixture, like a ceiling fan, and replace your old bulbs with an Edison bulb and you have a refreshed looking fan. The same can be done with an older Hollywood-style bathroom fixture that has round white lights. Replace with round Edison lights and you have a whole new look. You can even take off the shades of lighting fixtures and replace with a single Edison bulb for an easy switch.

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