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Garden catalog tally

It's that time of year again -- when my mailbox begins to overflow with gardening catalogs. Right now, they're just trickling in, but soon I'll expect the annual avalanche. Let me know which catalogs you get each day and tell me what you're ordering.

I'll post updates as new catalogs arrive, but so far, here's what's going on over here:

DEC. 26:

Received Burpee Gardening 2010 catalog (the one with the "tye-dye" tomato on the cover)


Big Boy hybrid tomato - 3 Plants ($12.50)

Petunia Fancy Dress - 1 pack (12 plants) ($22.95)

Corn Jubilee hybrid (SU) - (1 packet) $5.25

Potato Yukon Gold - 1 Pack (10 mini-tubers) $18.95

Free Espoma Plant Food with $25 purchase

Expenditure, including shipping and tax, this purchase:  $66.60

Total expenditure so far this year: $66.60


Getting lazy this year, as I've decided to purchase tomato plants instead of seeds, but the lack of effort will be offset by the necessary potato-tuber preperation, which I'll chronicle here when the time comes. Also, the petunias were pictured on the back cover and so were an impulse buy similar to the candy at the grocery checkout line, so really, I'm the victim here. Placed this order on Jan. 3.



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