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Gifts for book lovers

Settling into a cozy chair with a good book seems like a recipe for a perfect evening — or, if you’re lucky, a whole perfect day. While we won’t tell you what to read, we can certainly help make your favorite reading spot a little more inviting.

Modern by Dwell Magazine bookends

Read between the lines Contemporary literature feels right
Photo Credit: Hollatz

Contemporary literature feels right at home nestled between these green bookends from Modern by Dwell Magazine. The powder-coated aluminum set features a protective bottom to prevent scratched furniture, and the pieces are 5.5 inches high. $24.99 at and select Target stores 

Billy bookcase from Ikea

Blue period Find a home for your entire
Photo Credit: IKEA/Johan Olsson

Find a home for your entire collection in this limited-edition navy blue Billy bookcase with glass doors. The adjustable interior shelves can be arranged however you’d like, and the classic style, which has been in production since 1979, matches just about any decor. $169 at and select Ikea stores

Fresnel Magnifier Bookmark

Fine print This ultrathin plastic Fresnel Magnifier Bookmark
Photo Credit:

This ultrathin plastic Fresnel Magnifier Bookmark is also a three-times magnifying glass that’s perfect for seeing the details more clearly. Comes with a tiny red ribbon attached. $3 at 

LUMA Mobile Phone Night Light

Transform any smartphone into an adorable reading light
Photo Credit: Lev

Transform any smartphone into an adorable reading light with this LUMA Mobile Phone Night Light, designed by Peleg in collaboration with Maor Aharon, HIT. The miniature lampshade comes in red, gray or blue, and turns your phone’s flashlight app into a night light. $10 at 

Pride and Prejudice Throw

Blanket decisions Let Jane Austen's classic story keep
Photo Credit:

Let Jane Austen’s classic story keep you company on chilly nights with this cotton and acrylic Pride and Prejudice Throw, created by Sandy and Jim Martin and manufactured in Binghamton, New York. The 60-by-58-inch throw is machine washable and made of pre-consumer cotton scraps have been shredded and re-spun into yarn. $75 at 

Menagerie Whale Bookend Set

Fish tale This Menagerie Whale Bookend Set is
Photo Credit:

This Menagerie Whale Bookend Set is perfect for Melville fans, obviously. But it’s happily at home in any room that needs a little help from the animal kingdom to tame all those volumes. It’s made of stoneware on a solid wood base, and about 10.5 inches high. $150 at

Genuine Fake Bookshelf wallpaper

Good on paper Line your home with bookshelves
Photo Credit: Corp. Inc.

Line your home with bookshelves without taking up a single inch of floorspace with this trompe-l’œil Genuine Fake Bookshelf wallpaper. The papers come in 11-foot rolls, and they’re still cheaper than buying a wall of floor-to-ceiling bookcases. $280 for an 11-foot drop at 

Book box

Keep this book on your bedside table to
Photo Credit:

Keep this book box on your bedside table to store jewelry, knickknacks or the charger cord for your e-reader. It’ll blend right in with your favorite reading materials, and at 4 inches high, it’s even deep enough to hide the remote, too, in case you want to watch the movie version instead. Multiple city titles available. $29.95 online only at 

New Paperback candle

Modern lit If the scent of crisp paper,
Photo Credit:

If the scent of crisp paper, sawdust and fresh ink makes you swoon, then this New Paperback candle is for you. The company says it smells just like “walking into a bookstore and flipping through the new releases.” The handmade soy wax candle is 4 inches tall and should burn for about 65 hours. $18 at 

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