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First habitable planet possibly found; could support human life

This graphic, released by France's National Centre for

This graphic, released by France's National Centre for Scientific Research, shows a model of the possible surface of the dwarf star called Gliese 581, right, located about 20 light years from Earth. (May 16, 2011) Photo Credit: AFP / Getty Images

Had enough of this place we call Earth? There just might be somewhere you can move. It seems the planet Gliese 581d might be habitable, according to a report this week in Science Daily.

The report reveals the temperature on the "Goldilocks planet" is ammenabe to rainfall, clouds and oceans. This is a big discovery, considering every other planet we mere humans have discovered is too hot or too cold. This one is just right. Get it? Goldilocks?

Astrophysicists at the Institute Pierre Simon Laplace in Paris are calling Gliese 581d "the first confirmed exoplanet that could support Earth-like life." And while you might gloss over this as not relevant to you, consider that scientists have been searching for such a place to colonize. That may have something to do with the fact that The World Wildlife Fund's 2010 Living Planet Report suggests that by 2030, we will need two Earths to provide all the natural resources to sustain the population.

At "20 light-years from Earth, Gliese 581d is one of our closest galactic neighbours," the Science Daily report says.

Unfortunately, that means it will take more than 300,000 years to get there. 


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