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Home design books for every space

"Art for the Eclectic Home" (Adams Media, $22.99) Credit: Adams Media

The possibilities are endless when you are faced with the project of decorating a blank, white wall. Jamin and Ashley Mills' "Art for the Eclectic Home" (Adams Media, $22.99) makes the decorating process easier. The home designers collected various paintings, from vintage artwork to modern designs, and created a book with perforated edges on the pages, making it easy to remove the prints that you like and slip them into your own 8- by 10-inch frames for quick DIY home decorating. Also try their "Art for the Contemporary Home," "Handmade Walls" and "Art for the Traditional Home," all $22.99 each from Adams Media.

Take a peek into the homes of some of the greatest designers in the world with Ivan Terestchenko's new book, "Beyond Chic: Great Fashion Designers at Home" (The Vendome Press, $85). The book lets you travel into the living rooms of design greats such as Coco Chanel, Nicole Farhi, Giorgio Armani and Maxime de la Falaise. It's hard not to be inspired by the exotic and original designs in the book.

It's undeniable that New York City is one of the most exciting and energetic places in the world. Patrick Jackson's book, "Suburban Classic" (Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., $60) takes you to the hometowns of the commuters who make the beloved city thrive. "Today the escape to the open landscapes and the big skies of quaint suburbs around New York brings a happy harmony to city living," writes Tommy Hilfiger in his foreword in the book.

Henrietta Heald's "La Vie Est Belle" (Ryland Peters & Small, $35) takes you through elegant French homes that have the perfect mixture of vintage and modern French designs. Through the detailed photographs and thoughtful descriptions, you will fall in love with French design just like Heald did in her teenage years.

Mid-Century design is the hot style for home decorating in 2014, and Dominic Lutyen's "Living With Mid-Century Collectibles" (Ryland Peters & Small, $40) will help you get the look, from learning what the look is all about, to what's collector-worthy, to how to showcase it.

It can be time-consuming to find inspiring design sources, let alone DIY projects that are easy enough to figure out on your own. That's where Julie Carlson's "Remodelista" (Artisan Books, $37.50) comes in. The book breaks down the dos and don'ts of remodeling and interior designing, creating a one-stop shop to help home decorators with new ideas.

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