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10 common home renovation mistakes

One tip: Paint and new flooring look great, but go all the way and update trim work such as crown molding.

Building extra money into the budget is important

Building extra money into the budget is important before a home renovation. Photo Credit: Dreamstime

At this time of the year, many think about improvements they want to make to their house and all the DIY projects they'll do once spring and summer arrive. Before undertaking any renovation projects, double check that you don't make these common renovation mistakes.

1. Not budgeting enough

Even if you have the costs down to the penny, make sure you build extra money into your budget. Many times you may find something lurking that impacts your costs.

2. Forgoing design advice

Before you install an expensive backsplash, talk with your local designer about whether it will look good with your countertops. It's good to hire a designer to go over your plans with you before undertaking the renovation.

3. Putting in new countertops, but keeping old cabinets

Many homeowners will do this when they want to put their home on the market. But it's going to look like you did just that. Try refacing the cabinets. Or, put more money into cabinets and go with a less expensive countertop choice. Nothing looks as bad as new, beautiful granite next to tired, 40-year-old cabinets.

4. Not going the extra mile

Paint and new flooring look great, but go all the way and update trim work such as crown molding. It will make your renovation look finished.

5. Choosing a design that's too busy

Granite is beautiful, but it's often highly patterned. If your countertops are patterned, adding a patterned backsplash could make the kitchen look too busy and less appealing. If your counters are plain, add pattern to your backsplash. If counters are busy, keep the backsplash plain.

6. Choosing a design that's too plain.

So many houses are bathed in neutral tones and lack spirit and life that a pattern brings. Find one place in your home to add some wallpaper. It could be a guest bathroom that creates a surprise effect and that you can turn into a jewel box. Or, try it in a formal dining room or on the ceiling. Adding interest keeps your home interesting.

7. Not investing in good-quality plumbing products

They feel better, wear better and will last longer. Think about replacing short toilets with those of a comfortable height. Also consider replacing your old double bowl kitchen sink with a one-bowl option. It will look updated and newer.

8. Creating a bland kitchen

Kitchens don't have to be white or a sea of wood. Give your kitchen some personality with some color. Think about painted cabinets for a fresh take.

9. Not replacing light fixtures

A new fixture brings a whole new look to a room. Adding new fixtures should be on the list of to-dos for any room renovation.

10. Not quieting noisy floors

When flooring is replaced, especially with floating floors or engineered wood, be sure you get a sound test. Some floors are very noisy, so take care to talk with your flooring company to find materials that will keep your floors quiet.


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