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Homework: 8 Luxurious updates for the bathroom

Some lavish updates for a bathroom might include

Some lavish updates for a bathroom might include a chandelier, a stand-along tub and a framed mirror. Credit: / Vladimir Gerasimov

Your bathroom is more than just the spot to shower and brush your teeth. Rethink the space to go beyond the purely functional and add lavish design details that take it from lackluster to luxurious. Here are eight indulgent updates.

1. The stand-alone bathtub is often the No. 1 wish on everyone's bathroom update list. Bathtubs used to be relegated to a corner or pushed against a wall, but not any longer. Today's bathtubs take center stage in dramatic fashion.

2. Brighten up your bathroom with a chandelier. Traditionally, chandeliers have been most at home in dining rooms, but today chandeliers have moved to new rooms of the house. Chandeliers have made their way into bathrooms, bedrooms and even closets. You'll instantly dress up your bathroom with the addition of some luxury lighting. Add a chandelier in the center of your bathroom or over a tub for a opulent touch.

3. Ditch the medicine cabinet. Instantly brighten your bathroom and give it an upgrade by improving its reflection. Updated bathrooms have mirrors with interesting details and frames. Take your bathroom up a notch by switching out your medicine cabinet or sheet mirror with a framed mirror that would look just as great in your living room.

4. Warm up your floor. We all know the shock that comes in the night when you step onto cold tile. A luxurious bathroom improvement is radiant floor heating. Few things compare to a winter night and stepping onto warm bathroom floors.

5. Go frameless. If your bathroom is stuck in a time warp, trade in your old shower for one with frameless glass. Your bath will look current and you'll feel like you're in an expensive hotel when you don't have to peel back the vinyl shower curtain any longer.

6. Get connected. A lot of time is spent in the bathroom, so why not outfit it with outlets for TV and stereo speakers? The speakers will come in handy for relaxing soaks in the tub, and you can listen to the weather report without having to blast the volume from the bedroom TV.

7. Take your towels to another level with a heated towel bar. Although commonplace in Europe, heated towel bars have yet to really catch on here.

8. Make bathing an experience with an enhanced shower. There's more to updating your shower than replacing the showerhead with one with a massage feature. For a truly lavish treat, go with a full body spray system. If you want even more time in the shower, install a roomy shower bench and steam shower to upgrade your bathroom.

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