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Homework: 9 Places wire shelving offers more storage

Installing wire shelving in kitchen cabinets creates plenty

Installing wire shelving in kitchen cabinets creates plenty of storage space for pans, baking sheets and more. Credit: Fotolia

Love them or hate them, there's no questioning the ease and utility of the ubiquitous white wire shelf. They're inexpensive, can be quickly cut to size and, most important, can add loads more storage around your house. In the few minutes it takes to install wire shelves, you'll add valuable storage and organizing space. Consider using the rail-type installation to make set up even easier.

1. Kitchen cabinets: All that mess under the kitchen sink could be tidied up quickly with another shelf underneath. Store silver polish and drain cleaner here, and it won't be in the way of what you do need on a daily basis. In other cabinets, you have an easy spot to store pans or stack baking sheets neatly and easily.

2. Pantry: Many pantries don't have high shelving for infrequently used items, like a big canning pot or picnic basket. Add a high shelf in the pantry and you can also add your cookie tins and cake keepers here to free up some much-needed shelf space.

3. Desk: Adding a wire shelf under a desk -- if it is lacking storage and there's adequate space -- gives you a spot to store your desk items or to get that battery backup off the floor once and for all.

4. Dresser: Turn the shelf on its side and cut it into a 2-foot section. Now it's an instant jewelry organizer and a spot to hang earrings.

5. Closet: You already have a closet shelf? Adding a second wire shelf above it doubles your current storage. Use it for storing seasonal items that you don't need ready access to.

6. Bathroom sink cabinet: Tall cabinets under the bathroom sink are crying out for a second shelf to store infrequently used items, like Epsom salts. At the very least, consider adding two corner shelves to give your bathroom cabinet more storage capacity.

7. Laundry room: Make your laundry room more functional by adding a wire shelf above the washer and dryer. On top of holding baskets or detergent, the edge of the shelf can be used to hang clothes, too.

8. Garage: There's never enough shelving in the garage, and these handy shelves next to the back door provide a spot for storing grocery bags or rubber boots. There's also space to move the canning jars out of the pantry.

9. Doors: Whether it's the pantry door, garage door or laundry room door, a shelf hung over the door adds quality storage for items that will be out of sight but neatly organized.

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