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How to add brass/gold finishes to your home

The Benton Console Table from Target adds sparkle

The Benton Console Table from Target adds sparkle in a tight space ($199.49). Photo Credit:

It’s true that everything that goes away eventually comes back again. And one trend that is coming back in a big way is brass/gold finishes. From shiny to bronzed, the golden hue of brass is showing up everywhere, from hardware to plumbing, and even trim on furniture, adding warmth and elegance.

Haute hardware

The shimmer of gold in the evening can’t be denied, and that’s true of gold hardware from the kitchen to the bathroom. Because it’s an easy switch, try adding gold hardware to a kitchen of white marble to bring instant richness and glamour. Or consider swapping out those oiled bronze or nickel knobs and handles for a brushed brass finish or a shiny finish. It’s quick and makes a dramatic change without all the Sheetrock dust and expense of a renovation project.

Gilded effect

Try adding some small gold pieces like a side table or console to warm up an entryway. Topped with glass or marble, a gold piece makes an instant statement that brings up the richness of the room.

Replace that old dark-colored trim with a gold-colored nailhead trim for a fast update that takes just a little patience to create a completely new look on your ottoman or on chairs. If you have no nailhead in the house, why not make some? Give Parson’s chairs a trim around the base of the seat or around the edges of the seat back. For a fun project, add brass nailhead to a painted dresser or buffet using nailhead trim on a roll.

Gold fix

If you’ve grown tired of the cold of white and stainless, swapping out plumbing and other fixtures isn’t too hard if you’re handy. Transform your powder room into a sparkling jewel box by replacing bathroom door and sink handles with gold versions and switching out cabinet pulls and handles with new brass replacements.

If new light fixtures aren’t in your budget, take your current fixture down and us gold spray paint on it. Try a shiny finish or a shade with a warm glow. With an investment of a little time and a few dollars for paint, you’ll have a completely new fixture.

Swap out that glass vessel sink for a bright gold orb to really dress up your bathroom, and look for a new brass bathroom faucet. Your new guest bath will really sparkle in the evening when guests come for parties or dinners at your home.

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