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How to create a budget-friendly family room makeover

Seaford-based interior designer Melissa Sacco chose room details

Seaford-based interior designer Melissa Sacco chose room details that were both elegant and hard-working. Credit: Robert Mitchell

This Roslyn Heights family room adjoins an opulent entryway, so it needed to be luxurious-looking as well as child-friendly, says Seaford-based interior designer Melissa Sacco. “When you’re doing an entire home, you want some sort of continuity throughout the house in the feel and the style.”

“We wanted to keep it somewhat elegant, but playful at the same time, because it is a family room,” Sacco adds.

To that end, a crystal chandelier, safely out of reach, dresses up the plush playroom, while bright artwork and accessories create a colorful pop within a sumptuous cocoon of soft textures, rounded edges and soothing neutrals that invite cozy family fun.

What it takes: This room was budgeted as part of a whole-house project. Sacco estimates that the cost to create a single-room project with similar architectural work, furnishings and accessories would be $30,000, including the designer’s fee, labor and materials purchased at the designer’s rate, which may differ from retail.

Following are five fabulous features, plus designer tips for creating your own luxe look for less:

Sofa: $5,000

Why it’s worth it: Sacco says this swanky sectional, part of the Kaleidoscope Collection by luxury furniture designer Swaim Furniture, was tailor-made for this home with high-end upholstery and a durable, finely crafted frame.

Do it for less: “If you can’t get a custom sofa, at least splurge on a good upholstery fabric,” says Sacco. Try The Fabric Mill in Plainview for indoor/outdoor fabrics by Sunbrella or Crypton that are designed to repel stains and withstand heavy use.

Table: $1,680

Why it’s worth it: The chic sheen and unique river stone shape of this resin coffee table belie the practical features that make it a perfect playroom piece: It’s sturdy and solid, easily wipes clean and has no sharp edges.

Do it for less: Even if it’s not high-end, find a table with an interesting surface and a rounded shape, Sacco suggests. A round table is safer for kids and is easier to maneuver around. Plus, it aesthetically softens the lines of the sofa.

Wallpaper: $880

Why it’s worth it: The raised alligator-skin pattern of this thick, textured wallpaper from Aboff’s adds a subtle infusion of interest and dimension, without competing with the artwork it’s intended to showcase.

Do it for less: To mimic the effect on a budget, make a choice: Either use real textured wallpaper on just one accent wall, or do the whole room in a lighter-weight flat paper with a pattern that gives the illusion of texture.

Chandelier: $825

Why it’s worth it: The polished chrome finish of this chandelier plays off the lustrous surface of the cocktail table. Dangling crystals wink from beneath a sheer drum shade, creating a look that’s “playful but still elegant, so it ties in with the rest of the house,” Sacco says.

Do it for less: Forego finer touches like chrome and crystal in favor of a fixture that’s properly scaled for the space, the designer says.

Window treatment: $3,000

Why it’s worth it: This is a multilayered custom window treatment featuring Silhouette shades, a layer of flat roman shades and a pleated valance mounted just beneath the crown molding. Inverted pleats and buttons punctuate the silvery gray fabric with an accent color to match the Hermes orange throw on the sofa.

Do it for less: If you want to save by doing your own window treatments, Sacco offers three tips: Add height by bringing your top treatment up to the ceiling; add dimension with texture or layers; and add pop with colors that tie in with the rest of the accessories.

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