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How to create a spring wreath to brighten your front door

Cheery yellow and white flowers on this spring

Cheery yellow and white flowers on this spring wreath brighten up the entry into the home. Credit: Dreamstime

In November and December, fall and Christmas wreaths adorn many front doors. However, the rest of the year the door often lacks attention. If you’d like to welcome spring as the winter fades away, there’s no better way to brighten your home than adding a spring wreath to your front door. So give your entry a burst of life with a friendly wreath that welcomes spring and your guests.


Wreaths have shown up in history and in important works of art, in plaster adornments on European buildings and in beautiful upholstery fabrics. Wreaths symbolize unity, the circle of life and the seasons, and the continued growth of nature. When you think about it, a spring wreath is the perfect way to announce the coming renewal and reawakening of the natural world.


Look for wreaths that complement your home’s style. If you have a formal style, opt for a wreath that is more reserved, like a simple ring of solid-colored flowers with a satin bow. Think, too, about the size of the wreath and the size of your door. Try to match the scale of your wreath to your door. A small wreath on a large door will get lost, just as an oversized wreath will overwhelm a smaller door. If you have double doors, hang a wreath on both so they look balanced.


The color of your door should help you determine your wreath’s colors. If the colors aren’t right, your wreath may look washed out. For instance, a dark-colored door will look beautiful with either a bright wreath or whites and ivory for a more subdued look. Light-colored doors will require a bold color so the wreath stands out.

Shape is another consideration. While a round wreath is traditional, try an oval or square shape for something unusual. For a simple, unexpected door adornment, you could even paint a picture frame in a bold color, such as turquoise or shell pink, and create a small bouquet to anchor one corner.

Some other interesting options include using a basket with a handle in place of a wreath, for a just-picked look or a wreath in the shape of your initials covered in moss or flowers. Even an old watering can or a pair of brightly colored rubber boots sprouting flowers makes a statement.


If creating a wreath from scratch isn’t for you, try buying a pre-made spring wreath at your local arts and crafts store; then bulk it up with some additional flowers.

For the creative types who can put together a wreath, have your local florist or arts and crafts floral expert make a bow for you to finish off your wreath. You won’t have to buy a whole roll of floral ribbon, and you’ll get a professional-looking bow to boot.

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