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How to get more storage out of any size home

This tiny house storage loft is easily adaptable.

This tiny house storage loft is easily adaptable. Photo Credit: Dreamstime

The McMansions of the ’90s have made way for the tiny homes of today. They’re trendy, small and, many times, portable. Tiny home dwellers have learned that if they want certain possessions, they have to think strategically about their storage. If everything doesn’t have a place, then even a tiny house becomes an uncontrollable mess. Owners of tiny homes have some storage strategies that can easily be adapted to get more storage out of any home, whatever its size.

Hidden storage

Everything needs to be dual-purpose in a tiny home. A sofa can be made out of (upper) kitchen cabinets topped with cushions; the space beneath can be used for storage — or it can hide a bed that is pulled out at night. Beds are another giant opportunity for hidden storage. Using heavy-duty springs, a mattress can be placed atop a plywood base and then lifted with a handle for handy storage beneath the bed.

Wall storage

Another terrific tiny idea is the use of wall space. Rather than putting things away in cabinets, many items can be hung on a wall. Instead of table lamps, wall sconces can be used, freeing up table space. This works in a regular-sized home as well. Using hanging lighting above nightstand tables allows more space for your book and clock.

Walls can also be outfitted with pegboard. Whether in the kitchen, bath or garage, a pegboard wall can be configured in a multitude of ways so that you use this valuable area to hold hair ties in the bathroom or spices and spatulas in the kitchen.

Don’t forget about using items in different places, too. Use a garage organizing panel that has a variety of hook styles in your mudroom, laundry room or by the back door to hold everything from backpacks and jackets to ladders, chairs, brooms or mops. Another idea? Folding furniture. Desk space or a dining nook can be created at the wall by attaching a board with hinges and giving it folding support legs. You simply pull the table down when needed then put it back up to keep it out of the way.

Lofty ideals

Yet another smart space-saving tactic comes from using lofts. Many tiny houses have loft bedrooms or loft beds. Try a desk underneath, or leave it as open floor space — a real luxury in almost any size house.

Overhead storage is another hallmark of tiny homes. Space over doors can be outfitted with shelves. If your laundry room is tight, try a shelf over the door. Pots and pans can be hung above the stove, and a stainless steel dish rack mounted above the kitchen sink can open up counter space.

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